PAMP Suisse - Lunar Year of the Dog

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Newest collection coin!
1 oz. Silver Bar - PAMP Suisse - Lunar Year of the Dog - .999 Fine in Assay Card

Sorry about the quality pics but it’s the best my IPhone would take.
Got this Beauty from Liberty Coins.

About the bar:
The obverse of the PAMP Suisse Silver bar depicts a large dog sitting outside of his doghouse with the Chinese symbol for "Dog". The reverse image shows the opposing view of the dog. Engravings on this side include the PAMP Suisse corporate logo, the bar's weight, metal content, and purity, as well as the serial number and assayer's mark.

You just got to love the Perth Mint!
Hope these pictures show just how beautiful this bar really is!
Have a great day!!!

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This is a Beauty! I love that the reverse shows the back of the dog. That's so cool. The serial number is in the doghouse doorway, where there is also a puppy. That's just a great design. Excellent addition!

Yeah, that is a pretty cool Silver Bar. Silver Products like that make great gifts for many different occasions. And hold there value, too.

Is it a Swiss Saint Bernard dog? Certainly has those looks. The other one thay have is a Berner Senner dog. Looks the same.


It doesn’t say what type but I would say some type of collie.

Almost can never go wrong with a pamp bar. Quality Is top notch


Love the Pamps!

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