Queens Beast New Release The Falcon of the Plantagenets September 2018

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The Falcon passed to The Queen from the Plantagenet king Edward III. He chose the symbol to embody his love of hawking but it is also closely associated with his great-great-grandson, Edward IV. The white Falcon at The Queen’s coronation held a shield with a badge depicting a second white falcon within an open golden ‘fetterlock’ or padlock.

The Falcon of the Plantagenets 2.jpg

The fetterlock and the falcon were popular emblems in the Houses of both York and Lancaster, as they had descended from Edward III’s younger sons John of Gaunt and Edmund of Langley. The fetterlocks used by John and Edmund were always locked, perhaps to show they had no claim to the throne. Edward IV gave his younger son, Richard, the badge of a white falcon within an open fetterlock – the lock Edward forced to take the throne. Henry VII, who united the houses of York and Lancaster with his marriage to Elizabeth of York, often used a falcon symbol and it was said to be the favourite badge of Queen Elizabeth I.

The Falcon of the Plantagenets.jpg


The Falcon and lock look pretty good, should be a winner on release.

i think it will

September, cant wait and already started saving up for the 1/4 gold, getting the full set together will be the pride of my stack

me too as well will be at em early lol

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I love it. Waiting for release

me too be here soon

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dang that story makes me want one even more now thank you my good sir

your welcome any time

Its a great addition to an already cool series! I have not seen one coin that I haven't been impressed with.

there getting better i think, they are learning

Awesome post @britcoin!! I just put up a new post detailing your contest and with the image of all the Queens Beast holding the heraldic shields! Take a look if you get a chance: https://steemit.com/britcoin/@dwingsworld/britcoin-is-at-it-again
This information is the history that really makes this series pop to me. We may not be fans of the monarchy, but the lineages and how the symbols have so much purpose really ignites the imagination and thoughts.
In terms of the series, I think the Falcon will be preform extremely well and outdo the bull. I like the whole series, but I think the falcon will end up at the top of the pile of coins along with the lion and griffin. Just my take on it. Thanks so much brother for sharing!!

I think so the falcon will be hot,

Wow interesting I didn't realize the royals participated in hawking

they do everything there sick fuckers

Done upvoted resteemed and comment

Great information! Thanks for sharing

Always here to help

I love this series and I am eager to buy the Falcon.

I think the Falcon will be a real winner

I love the designs and much more the historical and representative meaning of each image I hope to be for the liberation

I can’t wait for this :)

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