Dear My Fellow Steemians, I need some help! My Dishwasher is broke, and so am I! So I'm raffling off my Silver Dragon!

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Desperate times call for desperate measures!

Three months ago our dishwasher gave up, and it's been in the shop since. Every time the shop calls me, something else has gone wrong with it, or the part they just put in has blown up too. The time has come to get a new one, but there is no way I have the funds to do it, and we're staying up late every night trying to keep up with he dishes. I've been staring at this empty space every day, wondering if we'll ever get a dishwasher to fill the gap, and be able to get to bed before 11:30pm.

This is what's left of my dishwasher

I need about $400 to get a cheap, but good dishwasher, which will take the load off us from a "getting to bed at a reasonable time" perspective.. We're out late 6 nights a week with the kids' sports, and their club fees are mounting as well (both my boys have made it into their district basketball teams -and the fees are due now!!), so we're kinda in a tight spot, and having a dishwasher in there will make a huge difference in our lives, and lighten the burden substantially.

Could my fellow Steemmates help me raise just a portion of the $400 I need to get us a new dishwasher?

In order to make sure someone gets something in return, I am putting my 2018 1 oz .9999 Ag Perth Mint Dragon for raffle. I'm shuddering just reading that line.... The stackitis twitch just worsened!

All you need to do is upvote this post (even a 1% will do), and send in 2 STEEM / (edit: or SBD )to get a ticket. Every 2 STEEM or SBD after that counts towards an additional ticket, and a resteem after buying your first ticket will get you a bonus entry. Be sure to include the memo: "Dishwasher Dragon" in your transfer. There is no limit on the number of tickets, and the draw will happen once this post pays out in seven days.

Shipping cost will be at the winner's expense ('cos I got no dough), and can be paid by STEEM/SBD if need be. Unless a minimum of 30 Tickets are sold, in which case shipping will be included in the prize.

So there you have it! I need some dishwasher money, and you need my dragon... deal?

Here are the entries so far:

NameSTEEM/SBDTicketsResteemTotal Tickets

Team Australia, Team South Africa, and The Alliance banners by @bearone

My Awesome Upboks by @ryivhnn

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I didn't come to participate, only to upvote to help and leave this comment.

I can feel the pain of dishwasher breaking down. I hate washing dishes by hand. We had our dishwasher for a few years when it broke down, but luckily it was still during the guarantee time - but the repairman wasn't very fast.

I let the dishes pile up, hoping the dishwasher will soon be ready. In the end, it took almost 3 weeks for him to fix it and I had to wash plenty of dishes during that time.

Good luck and hope you'll get a good dishwasher soon.


Thanks for the support @apsu! The dishes seem to pile up just as quickly as they're cleaned... a never-ending struggle!!

I'll take 3 tickets :) Sent 6 SBD. Resteeming too. Hope you get a new dishwasher. I need to redesign my whole kitchen to fit one.


Thanks mate. A new dishwasher will be a lifesaver!! 4 tickets for you :)

ok i have sent le steem and entry is in. I shall resteem shortly. However if i win i would like to donate your dishwasher dragon back to you :)


That's a really kind gesture mate. We'll have to see if you're the lucky winner first🤞


yea, dont conveniently rig it so you get to keep it haha :D


Hope a few votes help the dishwasher fund!


That's super kind. I like you immediately for that gesture, @bigdizzle91. Here I am wondering if I can get my hands on that shiny dragon, and you're like, "Nah, this guy needs it. Let him keep it." Way to put things in perspective.

Put me in for one but if I win I want u to keep it. It'd cost more to send it to Canada and I can't have that. I'll send ya 2 SBDs shortly 😎


Yep. You're officially awesome, @goldenarms. (In case there was any doubt.)


Thanks for your support buddy!! And for the post you put up! Much appreciated.

You must be joking lol


Try me!! 100% for real :)

Not sure if I’ll enter but I’ve given you a little upvote and resteem anyway. :)

Good luck mate. I need to buy a lap top and some video gear so need to hang on to my SBD and Steem.


Thanks for the upvote and resteem. much appreciated... I think you need a dragon too though ;}

Resteeming before I send you steem because it's easier that way XP



Awesome! Thanks @ryivhnn :) You're in with 6 tickets.

I'm buying a ticket to help the cause, just gotta work out how to do it!


Thanks mate, just need to go to your wallet and hit the drop-down next to your STEEM balance and transfer 2 STEEM to @bmj. Use "dishwasher dragon" as the memo. Resteem the post for an extra entry after that too :)

Good luck getting the dishwasher in mate, there's a tag called #upfundme where you can do daily posts a bit like a savings account, it clogs up your feed but you could make a new steemit account for fundraising? I'll be back later on for a ticket :-)


Thanks @owenwat, I'll go take a look at it. Sounds quite interesting.

Wait what country are you in? 🤣


Hey mate. Shipping from Australia.

Def feel your pain. Our dishwasher crapped out last year and waited 3 months to save up and I’ve just recently bought a Haier. Save your money don’t get one of those piles of cheap crap. It does work but it’s so cheaply built it’ll be lucky to last a week past the warranty.


Hey mate. Thanks for the support. I refunded you your 5 SBD. 2 Steem per ticket so didn't want to get confused trying to convert it.

Edit: Others are sending in SBD, so I've made is 2 of either SBD or STEEM per ticket :)


It’s ok I’ve sent you 4 Steem mate.
I think of lot of people don’t have free Steem since all the payouts are in SBD these days


All good, I kinda figured that out eventually.... Thanks for the support. You're in with 2 tickets😁


Thanks buddy, that's good advice. I'll be looking out for a good deal for sure.

I sent you 4 steem for 2 tickets.


Thanks man!! You're on the list :)


You're in!! Thanks mate!

I am broke too. Legal fees ate mine up. But here is my pittance and a resteem. I hope it helps.


Thanks @cecicastor! You're awesome!

I have no Steem to give but I will like your post and ReSteem it for you. Good luck with the new dishwasher!


Thanks mate! Every bit counts :)

Seems like these days you are lucky if an appliance will last 5 years. Then when it breaks, often it isn't worth repairing. It will probably cost you at least 25% of the cost of something new that is better than what you have and you are just hoping something else won't break in the near future. Our dishwasher needs a new rack but they are so ridiculously expensive it isn't worth it. I'll make the old one work until the whole thing dies. We recently repaired our washer (needed a new electronic valve thingy). It's still working but it is a front load model and the seal leaks. And yep, a new seal is so expensive it just isn't worth it. I'll just put a towel down and wait until something more important breaks before replacing the whole thing.

You could always get a more expensive model in the hopes that it actually lasts longer but it may not and you still need that extra money up front.


Yeah, that's what we've found out... more than one part is broken, so the repair bill is ridiculous - time to scrap it and get a new one. Hopefully we can afford something good that goes on sale at just the right time ...

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Lol, I'll help a guy get a replacement dishwasher :) Chance of a silver dragon is just a bonus, hehe. Hope it all works out for you :)


Thanks for the support! You're in with 3 Tickets:)


Hey buddy!! You just won the Dragon!!

I'm on MSP Discord. Please contact me so I can get shipping details from you.

Congrats!!! It's an awesome little piece of silver.


Lol, seriously? That's awesome :) Got family in town right now but I'll find you on MSP later tonight. I'm on there as well.

Good luck with your replacement dishwasher! Upvote, Resteem and sent some sbd! Great to be able to fall back on your steem efforts and community!


thanks for the support @brandyb!! I'm quite overwhelmed by the support of the community! SO amazing!!

I’m not happy to hear your dishwasher is broken @bmj I will resteem and upvote this post to get the word out about your sale and hope that you get more than you need to get a good quality product. All the very best. 🌻


No @bmj............I’m just more than happy to help in some small way. You have been very supportive of me and I am very grateful. 🌺

Yes I really hope that you get a really shiny dishwasher to fill that gap and Yeay I'm glad you reached out so we can help a little 😊 sended a little bit more as I really want you to get more than just a decent dishwasher.... Badass one is much better... Lol
Have a wonderful day my friend and good luck.
Much Love 🤗💕


Thanks @saffisara. I'll be getting the badassest one I can afford😁. Thanks for your kind support!

upvoting you...looks like you will have a dishwasher soon.

I haven't had a dishwasher in years ..other than my two hands, there is just the two of us so it is not so bad.

Entry SBD sent, and a couple of 100% upvotes (they're only worth maybe 15¢, but hey, lol). Steemit helped me get the (expensive) good walking shoes I needed and has been paying my electric bill since October, not to mention feeding my cats! I love the power of Steemit, and hope you get enough for your dishwasher!


Thanks for the support @phoenixwren! You're in the draw with 2 tickets!!

Just trying to spread the word 💗


Thanks for your support @alaskahippie!!

Hope SBD goes way up and you can pay for it.

Also, here is dirty dishes tip. Pack everything away besides on plate, fork, knife, cup per person. Everyone washes their own when done. You will be surprised how that cuts down on the ever-growing dishes pile.
And I read your update post :)

here's a hug for you! Good luck I will resteem but I am not participating in the raffle. Here's to wrinkle free hands!