Experiments to come

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It has finally come ! want to thanks @silversaver888 for all the information and being so awesome.
This is some liver of sulphur and I will be experimenting with it and a various coins, I already have a few coins in mind, but not much time to post today so, it will have to wait until tomorrow when I will hopefully get a chance to give it a go
Hope you got some value from my post,
Thanks for stopping by, your upvote, comments and resteems are truly appreciated.

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Sweet. I look forward to seeing some antiqued things!

I'll be posting soon just have a lot of work but some free time on the horizon so will be sure to post it

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I am eager to see the result of your experiment, @bitcoinman!

Will be sure to tag you :)

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I will look forward to the results. :o)

You stay up to date I'm sure you will not miss it just a bit busy but will be sure to check out your flower of the day

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