Steemit Silverbugs - Guess the Silver price on Market closing next Friday, September 14th / Results of the previous round

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Welcome to "Guess the Silver Price"!

Please note: also here the winning will from now on be payed in Steem. At least as long as the reward payout ratio stays as it is now.

The decline of metal prices continued last week. I agree with the statement from @irrer-ivan that this will continue at least until after the mid term election in October.

The actual silver price on market close, Friday the 7th, was: $US 14.17

This means we have 2 winners this time :

@artgirlnyc with her guess $ 14.19 (+0.02)


@fw206 with the guess $ 14.15 (-0.02)

Congratulation! The win will be shared between both of you. And I might top it up a bit.

As always the Steem win will be paid soon after the post reward arrived.
And a big Thanks to all who played and / or upvoted!

But now to the new round of the game:

What will the silver price be on market close, Friday, September 14th 2018 ?

Its all simple and straight forward, and even better: its free!

Here are the rules:

  • Give this post a decent upvote.
  • Make a comment until Wednesday 24:00h GMT, in which you state your estimate of the silver price ($US/oz) on market closing Friday.
  • Make the correct, or nearest to correct, estimate to receive the Steem payout of the post.
  • Dont worry about other people's entries. If more than one person is correct or equally close, the win is shared.
  • Reference for the price is this website:
  • The result and the new game post I will make on Saturday or Sunday.

I'm hoping for a good participation - the more people take part, the bigger is the win! :)
And don't miss the post for the gold version of the game here:

And there is also the original german version of this game, and the one for silver, run by @irrer-ivan:

silver photo: pixabay free to use

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14,25 USD/oz

My guess is 14.26



Congrats to @artgirlny and @fw206 for the win.
My guess for the next round is $14.00