EAT: By @thedamus — a Pirate’s coffee table book

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Avast me Hearties!!!

It’s #piratesunday, and ol’ Silverbeard is back with tales of plunder and pictures too! It has been a couple of days since THE ASSASSIN and myself conducted the parlay between ourselves and the Dread Pirate @dfinney. Negotiations were swift, decisive and hilarious, and, they were captured for posterity both as a picture...


And as an ad hoc commemorative coin!

Three cheery nuggets

And yet Avast!!! The planned plundering was interupted by the decency of decorum and demanded this d-finney deed be done at a different damn place when @thedamus could decisively deliver.

(Aside: hey @stokjockey: “You got problems with your life of love? You gotta’ Broken heart?” — You’ll see...)

So where was i? Oh yeah, @dfinney gave me a cool Pearl Jam chocolate bar and what was looking to be a platter...



And there was DSM regalia all over it! Well if you have ever gotten a parcel from @dixiesilverminer before — or seen one of his incredible videos, then i’d wager your lambos are tingling right now!

Let’s check it out!


A lovely little platter with a single fine word of advice. I think i’ll do just that!



Mmmmm, some fancy chocolate to nibble on while i read this lovely note!


Well now my lambos are definitely tingling. And my ferraris are farting up a storm!



This is looking good friends! Right down to having much respect for the assiduously chosen details.


@dixiesilverminer is a class act through and through...


So let’s see what’s in these boxes!!!


Ahh ha, now it’s beginning to make sense!!!


@dfinney’s mysterious reference to geology, much talk of SSG epic-ness, @dixiesilverminer getting involved, the theme of many of my recent posts, the Force, the Jedi — It’s all true



And if you said OMFG it’s a Cheeseburger and Fries, then you are Correctomundo!





Can you freaking believe this!!!?



Mind. Blown!!! Each individual fry, and pickles too, are stamped 999FS



Like, out of control, total SSG badassery here!



I don’t even know what to say? — i am struck dumb! — and experiencing my second burger coma in as many days. This retort by @dfinney was expertly imagined, and executed and delivered with an uncommon panache that really shows us what @dfinney is all about. The artistry is second to none thanks to @dixiesilverminer, and from what i gather, there may be a few SSG “silent sams” on the periphery of this epic “one-up” that have my utter and complete gratitude. I love this artifact completely and i am proud to add it to my collection — which, by the way, will be welcoming of a second piece by DSM, the first being a gorgeous 999FS guitar pick that i have marvelled at since @owenwat sent it to me for my birthday this past year.


You rock Dixie!!! And check out this link to the creation of “Fatburger and Fries”

So awesome!!!

Wow!!! Thank You @dfinney for taking Asskickery to a whole new level!

Thank You @dixiesilverminer for the obvious love and care and fastidiousness that you are reknown for!

Thank You SSG for being an hilarious, generous and supportive bunch of crazy-fuckers that i am proud to call friends.

Riva La Fucking Derchi Asskickers! And kisses to all you Mo-Fos and Mo-Fettes! You guys and gals are truly the best!

Cheers! from @thedamus




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Be warned old jedi, this burger is not for consumption, please put it away before attacking 100 beers.. this could do some serious damag to you teeth!!!

Holy fucking hell, I have seen it all now. That is some pure badass shit.





We are beyond happy you like it, when @dfinney came to us with the idea, we knew it had to happen, we are both honored to be a part of this grand SSG happening and our hats of to @dfinney for making the delivery in person! and to you @thedamus for your uboxing post that kept everyone on the edge of their seats all weekend! Stackers are really an amazing bunch of people!


Adoration galore for you and dixiegirl — it truly is an epic piece!


Thank you for your generous gift of time and superior effort! I really really like it


Your kids surely had ten times as much fun on this adventure you made out of what would probably have been just another day out or shopping trip for most people, or have I read it wrong somewhere in my wonder and awe at the amount of fun and wonder you've captured in your photos.

I'll be following you from now on because you've brightened my day with your captivating (in a fun way) silliness. Great to see that you don't take life too seriously, and waiting in anticipation to read of more of your swashbuckling adventures

☺️ I LOVE your photos and “cookbook” cover. @dixiesilverminer and @dixiesilvergirl were so kind to donate their time and creativity to make my vision more than I had imagined.

Definitely don’t try to eat this one after a night out at the Beagle. 😂🤣

The in person delivery was a highlight of the weekend. ☺️🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦


Fun times D! I will make sure to further honour the time spent by the dixies — @dixiesilverminer & @dixiesilvergirl — the piece is really amazing 😳

@thedamus congrats on an item of sincere awesomeness that can only be described as an over the top piece of stunning! @dfinney did astounding and @dixiesilverminer as always took an idea and crafted magic from the metal. Thanks for sharing and I could see a coffe table book from you for sure!!


Cheers dwing! I’m still slightly baffled...!


What the actual fuck..... That burger and fries are fucking incredible!!

I know thats a lot of F-bombs, but I had to convey my absolute awe. By far the best thing I've seen in a long time (and I was naked in front of the mirror earlier), so that is high praise.

DSM - an amazing work of art

Dfinney - @thedamus is going to have to work hard to top that



OH MY!!!! So absolutely cool!!!! One of the coolest pour from The Miner! And how neat that you could meet up with my girl @dfinney... I am so jelly! Have a fantastic day, @thedamus, my hoa hānau!


Thanks saver! It was super fun meeting up with @dfinney, and wow wow wow, did dixie ever smash this one!

Much Aloha!, @thedamus

An amazing idea and a more amazing realization of the idea! This fatburger is a TOP!


I’m loving it Ron 😜👍

That is cool as hell. The miner hit a homerun with that one brother. Dam Dfinney threw that shit down.....nice job Dfinney 👊🏻


...another one for the SSG history books right here! 😜👍👍






You can say that again!!!

Totally outrageous and indeed an Epic bit of badassery!

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

WaaOOOOWW! That's an incredible gift! The time and effort that went into that is off the charts! That's awesome!


Truly amaze-ballz!!!


That's fry-riffic!

very cool and photos give all the fine details!


It’s an amazing piece of work eagle 🤩👍👍


glad you like it!

Holy Shit that insane!! Incredible work from the miner! I want one 🍔


pegged you nore as a t bone baked potato kind of guy



Dam... Now THAT's a fine way to up the ante !

Can't wait to see you returning fire ;)

The idea itself is magnificent, makes me marvel at human creativity all over again hehe


She killed it dead. Plain and simple 🤩👍

That's a tasty looking burger, nice.



That is so cool! I've never seen anything like it before. Definitely a unique item(s)... 🙂


Totally amaze-ballz man! 😳🤩😳

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