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RE: Do You WANT to Spend Your Crypto?

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Hell yeah we need to start using it! I bought some silver on here a couple months back. Traded some SBI shares for it, and I'm about to do it again.

That's the whole reason I've started mining. So I can have income and budget it out. Some will be for hodl, but some will absolutely be for spending.

People are buying this shit to speculate like stocks. I think that is dumb. It's made to be money. Fucking use it that way.


That’s badass! Buying cousin does it as well. I need to look into it. I’m guilty of mot using it as a currency as well. Gonna change that in the next couple week.

I'm working that way. As of now, most of my resources are in SP which isn't liquid.

The mining is gonna help that a lot. As it ramps up, I expect it'll fund most of the projects I talk about on here.

What are you using to mine? Was thinking of getting involved with that but don’t know much about it.

Right now I'm using a single RX580. I plan on adding another card this week or next though. Whatever I can find for $190, so probably a RX480 or RX570

I know nothing about this. Let’s say I wanted to start getting involved...whatbroute would you recommend thatnwont break the bank yet will still be efficient?

What I'm currently considering is renting server space (usually just a few bucks a month, maybe ten) and using that to mine Monero. If you have a pretty capable PC already, you can do it on there, but I've found my machines aren't capable.

Gotcha. I’ll look into that. My computer is new but bare and basic.

What I've learned is that I need a better processor and more ram. Supposedly an i5 of i7 are really good, and mine is an old basic processor that my father in law had laying around when we built the machine. I've not decided yet if I want to buy another graphics card for the ethereum rig or set this one up for Monero. I need more research. Actually, if you've got a bit of cash to play with, check this out:

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