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RE: Do You WANT to Spend Your Crypto?

in #steemshop5 years ago

I haven’t done anything direct, but pretty close by using a Shift visa debit card linked to a Coinbase BTC account.
What bits of crypto I do cash out or spend, I feel bad about because I want to accumulate more! Getting Fiat into the crypto system can be the hardest part, so you hate to cash it out in a sense.
However, I do like the bit of trailblazing... when I hit up Conquest for the first time I’d love to buy at least 1 item with Steem. At the least, it makes for a fun blog post!


You still posting brother or just curating for the time bring??

I’m still alive! Just been busy & tired... I’m usually pretty shocked when I realize how long it’s been since my last actual post...

I hear that. I just made a stupid goal for myself and I’m trying not to slack as once I takes a lot to get me back into the swing of things. Looking forward to seeing ya back on here regularly once you do you.

Lol. Sounds awesome!!! Yeah I need to try and start using it myself from time to time. I’m guilty as well.

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