Steem Seven Curation Report | May 20, 2021

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We are currently supporting many users, both newcomers and content creators who need a little boost to keep doing their job. The Seven Team is committed to trying to reach large numbers of users wherever they are, whatever their language. Here you will find a list of posts supported the last day.
Bienvenidos a ésta nueva comunidad FARANDULERA/ #Celebrity Fame⭐️🎥⭐️/ Welcome to this new FARANDULERA community/ #Celebrity Fame⭐️🎥⭐️
NUEVO CONCURSO: Habla sobre tu celular actual 📱 por @almamia
NUEVO CONCURSO: Habla sobre tu celular actual – Mi Samsung A31
[ESP-ENG] GANADORES: Habla sobre tu celular actual - 15 STEEM en premios WINNERS: Talk about your current phone - 15 STEEM in prize
CONCURSO: Habla sobre tu celular actual - 15 STEEM en premios POR @alejandrabravo

Reach us on Discord for any doubt and If you want support us please consider follow our Curation Trail or delegate us | 50SP | 100SP | 200SP | 300SP | 400SP | 500SP | and become in a Seven now.

¿How to delegate us and receive upvotes?

It is easy, we have developed the tool through our website to do it, you just have to access there and click on the button to do it, which will take you to a form to complete the operation.


Then you just have to set the amount to delegate and click send, you will be redirected to SteemLogin where you can log in and easily complete the transaction using your active key.



It is done, you are a Seven now.

We are the hope to the helpless posts.

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