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Half of upvoters only read the headline and the first sentence!

Easiest way to get more upvotes?

  • Spend extra time focusing on the title and then the very first few characters which will appear in the home feed and anywhere else the post shows.

View the difference on new posts and trending posts!

  • Trending posts consistently make sure to have a clear headline and sell reading the rest of the post in the first sentence.
  • Many authors seen in the new posts section at make almost no effort to clearly communicate the entire value of the post in the title and first sentence which acts to sell a potential reader on clicking or upvoting!

Communicate the entire value of the post within the headline and the first sentence to optimize posts!

  • If sharing photography or a video, take the first sentence to sell a viewer on what they will see instead of either leaving the rest of the post blank or shared unrelated messages or anything that is not helping earn an upvote from users just browsing.
  • Review the title and first sentence of the post again before posting.
  • At least 80% of rewards earned on a post will be a function of the headline and first sentence because readers both vote directly in the feed or decide whether to read based on the title and text.
  • Spend at least 20% of the time creating the post on the title, text, and thumbnail or that may be all readers ever see!

Thank you for reading this Steem secret #1!

Would you please upvote this if you want me to make more posts like this because you will feel good about expecting more of these and know that you are a key reason why I made it?

Jerry Banfield

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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Hey Jerry, this is something that many people on Steemit underestimate. Well done for pointing it out.

What is your opinion about Smileys in posts? I think I have never seen them in yours. But according to various studies they are super beneficial. On Steemit you can even put emojicons and icons into your title. Check out how I use smileys for my different post categories. A great source for emojicons is



Thanks for sharing this! I used the instructions on the Markdown Styling Guide but couldn't get it to work the way they described it. With the site you linked I can just copy and paste which is a lot better. So, now I can put emoji's in my posts too, thanks! 👍


  ·  2 years ago (edited)

It is really easy with that website. For the titles you need the small icons but for your posts check out the large alternatives on the bottom of each subpage. I really like the Samsung emojicons best.


Great question flauwy, I'd like to know Jerrys answer as well.

Great point, most of time i do only read the first few.


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I´m about to start posting , I need all the advice I can get... and this is a great one...

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

That's almost scary... but thanks for the tip. I have a personal complaint -I hate time sensitive posts that need to be opened before the date of posting can be found. Steemit tips and bitcoin are the worst offenders, and it's made worse by the fact that any post older than twelve months is simply shown on the post as being "more than a year ago", a statement that will obviously mean less and less as time passes. I'll be looking out for more tips...

Easier said than done.

Deffo and eye catcher! This is what I do so I assume most others do also. But when ya new this is a valid point to geg recognition but this does take time and continued efforts! Valid poins here Jerry!



great advise

Having a great blog title is key :D ... :)

It's so simple but many tend to not focus on the title, which is very important! Agreed! 💪🏼🙌🏼💯

very helpful . thanks for always sharing helpful content

Great tip Jerry I expect you have many more to come since this is only number one. A great start to a mini series post ;)

Writing for steemit honestly feels a bit like the old days of article marketing for sites and writing emails to improve open rates and get traffic to your posts.

Look forward to more tips keep it up.

@jerrybanfield I always enjoy how you share with others how to be even more successful on STEEMIT. Keep doing what you are doing just One Day at a Time. Love and Kindness Jerry. You are all that !

Yes, this is so true! The thumbnail picture and title are what I look at first. If I like what I see then I look at the first sentence. You are helping so many people Jerry!


Agree. And remember that the first photo in an article will be the thumbnail picture.


Me too! I also attach importance to the outline of the thumbnail. It already affects my first impression if there is some empty, grey-filled space

I read the first line and upvoted!

That is the way to capture UPVOTE
And bring something ideal.
If you believe in steemit invest in steemit.

Upvoted, thanks for the good advice, I am waiting for the second secret !

Superb advice, thank you

Good idea about spending extra time focusing on the title

Thanks for the advice, I struggle to get more upvotes on my blog posts. I want to use the money I make on here for a new laptop and it will take forever if I only get 20-30 cents a post.

Agree with this tip. Title seems to be the most important part of a post.

Great advice

Good tip.
The 80:20 rule in action .
It's one of those things that is quite obvious but you never really consider it until a post like this makes you think about it.
I'm not yet posting very much but I will certainly take this into consideration as I post more.
Thanks Jerry

I think good title, first sentence, and thumbnail are a nice click bait to make steemit users click and read, so they can upvote your post. do you always upvote post when you only see the title and first sentence? let me know

Thanks for this advise. Being a conservative newcomer on Steem I'll rather get familiar with this platform before posting and interacting, but will certainly follow your tip

hey @jerrybanfield BRO you are Amazing .. please help us as well me supporting .we need you to Help us in Present as well in Future

I don't know what you are talking about. I only read the headline.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thank you jerry. At least 80% of rewards earned on a post will be a function of the headline and first sentence as well as emoticons. Great and valuable article. upvoted and resteemed and i will be looking forward for nice and motivational articles.

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Thanks for the tips for now and the future...from a noob.




Thanks for the advice @jerrybanfield
Its very useful. Many thanks for you.

Excellent Steem Secret to success on steemit # 1 .
i will try my best to focus on headlines and quality post. Thanks !
upvote & resteem.

Title and first line is more than Facebook users will entertain giving an idea. If it isn't a picture with 20 words or less attached to it then you hear crickets when you post it.

I'll take the other make it sound too easy. If only that were true but it is not and it's misleading. Did you ever struggle to make $1.00 in upvotes? Jerry you need to remember when you were a minnow and how hard it is to be heard.

Ah yes @jerrybanfield marketing Copy 101; always good to be reminded of it.

Nice article 👌 up vote for this article

Yes it's true @ jerrybanfield and that's what I usually did very few lines of the first sentence and skip the middle then finished with upvote, unless the story is entertaining I'll finished reading.

Certainly a good piece of advice there... and an important thing to keep in mind with that (and newcomers seeking attention should heed this!) is to NOT go overboard and start using "click bait" titles. Few things will turn off potential followers faster than "10 Ways to Get Rich with Bitcoin!" leading to a post that offers no substance.

This is why steem is shit. It's literally clickbait: the blockchain.

This advice follows for most eye catchers... and is the same principle clickbait works upon.

Thanks Jerry, great tip! Still sorting out the voting, I seem to be out of votes otherwise I would have upvoted. Cheers!


Beep beep. Hi @eavaryan!
You have used tip! in your comment - that`s my magic word for sending tips ;)
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Thanks jerry! I'm having a hard time finding a good way to get my content out there and get at least a few upvotes. I'm not expecting $$$ just want to see some improvement in my own content and its reviews.

Oh yes, that's a very important hint. I always concentrating to get a good pitch and picture because it's the only chance to get viewed in increasingly faster rolling list of posts.

I should pay more attention is what i took from your post. Now i'm looking at my recent posts. Thank You!

Thank you for this post Jerry. Always good to read your views and tips on how to navigate and enjoy the Steem experience. Yes please continue to make more of these posts available to us minnows and other more experienced steemians. Take care.

Very useful for me.. thank

Thanks Jerry. I would love to get your opinion on one of my posts and see if you would change anything from the title or first sentence. I think i am doing alright, but could use a bit of help as someone who doesn't have that many followers or steempower (yet)

Jerry, do you think it is a good idea to put a steem unicode on the title line. I tried to do it and only the numbers come out. What is the proper way of getting that steem unicode on the headline? Thanks.

Thanks @jerrybanfield! Upvoted to get more posts like these! These are invaluable to those that are beginning and need some direction. Another thing I've come across is struggling to get more followers so the content you put up gets a chance to even be read by anyone! Thanks again and great work as always!

Que buena info, gracias te dejo saludos

I just found your post and I learned a lot on it @jerrybanfield ... it helped me a lot

Some very useful information there jerry cheers

Very informative and useful. Thank you.

Post picked at random to illustrate a point.

no thumbnail pic.
the Headline is the same as the next sentence.

Nothing about this entices me to read it.



Upvoted, but dont want you doing any more of these. Why give away all the secrets?


can't believe I wasn't focusing on this yet.

I had my own 11 tips for Minnows a short while back.

Yes, sir @jerrybanfield. Most people on steemit generally upvote just on the basis of article headline. I think headline has great significance when it comes to article posting. It's the greatest judging factor of your article. I always try to make my headlines catchy and unique. That helps me a lot.
Anyways thank you sir for making people aware about it.

Thanks for the tip.

Good advice! First impressions are the most important. This is true with Steemit posts as well. Every author should take the time and effort to review and revise if needed, their opening line and title. It will make-or-break your view.

that's why I saw posts got votes more than views. that's very weird. why the hell people do this @jerrybanfield

Good advice ..thank you so much!

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am really grateful for this tips, it will really help a lot

You have made my steemit start so eaaaaaaassssssyyyyy . thank you for you guidance / tips these things may not seem like much but they help us noobs so much !

Jerry you are totally right. It's marketing 101 and even though this is the most giving and generous social media platform ever created, there's only so much time and attention that any of us have. Great titles and first sentences draw us in and make us want to know more.

I am so glad I have followed you! You have the best tips for us newbies! 👍
Upvoted and resteemed!

20% of effort will generate 80% of reward. You just validated Pareto principle for SteemIt! I better check my (very few so far) posts :)
And thank you @flauwy for the emojis

Great advice, but I think Steemit should do something to stop this. We don't want Steemit to become as clickbait-filled as YouTube

Thanks jerry. As always, you are an inspiration to many. May you also find my first two posts here on offgrid lighting the STEEMIT way:


YOU are always there to help the community in here @jerrybanfield thank you! :)

This is an unappreciated fact. Titles are always important, but remember to make your preview snippet tempting, too.


26 minutes after posting, this article has 201 upvotes with only 83 views. Proof positive!

Thats true, I agree with that about the headline, I think that the main format that steemit shows your post after being published in the home page, is some kind of confusing, and title and first sentence gets mixed up, at least is what I see is happening to me.

Hi @jerrybanfield.

I've read most of your posts and upvoted your posts and I'm eager for one thing...
Can you please tell me how come in such a short time you are having such a high steem power ?

Thanks in advance!

@jerrybanfield thanks for this tips. I also think after the headline and the introduction, next to focus on is the pictures. They must portray what you are talking about and also your content must be well formatted. Make use of appropriate tag.

This post is really helpfull for the newbies like me. Keep on guiding us with your wonderfull experience.
Please upvote and support me. I have upvoted you. Here is my introduction post. Please have a look on it.

True to what you say, it is possible that almost all newly renowned steemit users like me do not notice it.

Please follow and upvote for guidance from you. thank you
Regard @madcool

sir your tutorials are awesome

Nice one jerry. It's always disappointing posting contents and expecting a great number of upvotes only to get below expectation. Most time it has to do with our approach, keeping the main point that sells your content at the very end is a really bad idea. Steem has helped me really well in content organization.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

could U please help me with naming some of my graphics?)

lets say this one

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Very helpful tip! Thanks!


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Thank you for a tip!


Beep beep. Hi @elded!
You have used tip! in your comment - that`s my magic word for sending tips ;)
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Very true considering the volume of posts, users and that a majority do not spend much time on reading any material of substantial length. Our 30 second soundbite culture at work.

Hi jerry ! Bought your videos from mashable today and I decided to jump in here for the community and to be able to build something with all of you.

your posts are extremely long; but...very comprehensive!! well done

Always excellent advice.

So very true . Your posts are really in detail ans helps all of us to perform better.

If this were a different social media site, I'd say you were promoting 'klickbate'. But since the readers must vote FOR the article, there is a clear difference which shows the value of SteemIt.

Great advice! I had not thought of that. Thank you.

True, but i also observe that in addition to a good headline and start sentences, need huge Steem Power and a decent reputation, can only lead in Trending posts section.