Calling All Steem Schools Family - Look Who I Found

in steemschools •  6 months ago

Dear Steem Schools Family,

It has come to my attention that one of our dear friends is in a contest and I am so proud of him. Our brother, friend, and steemschools supporter @adeyemidrey is being considered as a candidate for the Week 9 Minnow Fund.

I have read through all of the candidates and have placed my vote per their instructions. Please, fellow Steemians, I encourage you to take the time to vote for one of these individuals. I wish them all luck!

Good luck @adeyemidrey! I am cheering for you!
Photo of @adeyemidrey

Much love,

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Thanks sister, I really appreciate


You are welcome, my friend! I am cheering you on!

Nice read. I leave an upvote for this article thumbsup


@tomask-de If you have a moment, please go to the article mentioned and read and vote for the minnow who needs the support! Thank you for the comment and thumbsup! :)

I miss steem school, all the best


we miss you @lovelens! where have you been my friend?


@Jennifer78 my phone is bad, I borrow from friends to post, I will soon join you, I miss you too,

Thanks Jennifer78, for helping our brother in steemschools!


I hope he wins! It would be nice to see someone we know win it!

Support from Steemschoolers! Thank you dear Jenn! I hope you win @adeyemidrey :D