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First I want to thank @dobartim for organizing this wonderful contest.

Before telling them how steemit I change my life I want to tell you a little about who I am and how was my life before steemit.

I am a 28 year old girl from Venezuela, I have two older brothers, a beautiful niece and my parents are the best in the world. We are a united family. Since I was a child I am very happy, I love to laugh and I also like to do what I want. I go behind my dreams until I reach them.

I work as a secretary in a school. But I like the pastry, my dreams have always been to have my pastry . For a while I worked in a pastry to gain experience and have the money for my own business. As I wanted to continue my studies, I decided to leave the pastry to have time for college. My bosses asked me to work on weekends and holidays. As it is something that I like very much, I accept. Together with my family we bought an oven and other materials for our business, we started making bread and sweets, we were doing very well. However, for some years there have been many problems in my country, especially economic problems. Very quickly the purchasing power has been lost, so I have spent almost all my savings to be able to buy food and medicine.

Last year I felt very overwhelmed, because money did not reach me, not even to eat well. The materials to make cakes, desserts and other sweets became very difficult to obtain and when you get them are very high prices, the owners of the pastry decided to leave the country. Going to college was increasingly difficult, since I did not have money to photocopy or print jobs. Many of my friends left the country; However, I did not have enough money to leave, I did not want to leave my family and we did not have enough money to go together.

So I started looking for other forms of work on the Internet, but I did not find what I was looking for, they were difficult to understand or they had to work hard to earn very little. Until in January of this year a friend @correa35 told me about steemit, she told me that her sisters-in-law @tamymayz and @ ymaru06 were on the platform and had done very well. So I decided to investigate what it was.That same day I registered and a day later they sent me my password. When I entered for the first time I was very lost ... I did not know what to do, I made my presentation and I did not get much profit, so I decided to look for publications that would help new users, I took notes of all the advice I found and tried to apply them in my next publication; however, I did not get much income either. I felt very sad. But I did not give up.

My first income in steemit

Some friends like @claucor20 and @blackmen recommended me to participate in competitions, since they had done very well participating in some contests. So I decided to do it. A week after joining this great family, I participated in a small @orinoco contest that was very simple, I did it about thirty minutes before the deadline. My big surprise was knowing later that I had won. I could not believe it, I was very happy, really happy. They were my first 2 sbd. In a week in Steemit I earned the equivalent of 3 months of salary at my job, I was able to buy many things I needed. As food for my family and for me, some medicines, personal items and I could even eat ice cream with my friend.

In Steemit I have done things that I never thought I would do, for example, before Steemit. I did not like to record videos or upload many photos to social networks, I felt a little insecure, however, on one occasion a Spanish-speaking user, I did a video contest, at first I felt a bit insecure to participate but Then, with the support of some friends @carloshernandez and @oscarinakr, they encouraged me to do it, I even diberti a lot. Since then I've participated in several video contests. Which, of course, has helped me financially.

In steemit I discovered new skills that I did not know I had, such as writing, here I found great people like @trenz and @decomoescribir that transmit their passion for writing to all their readers, I've even participated in some literature workshops. . Now it's something that I like a lot.

Besides, I have learned to appreciate more the drawings of great users, the art, the photography, they are all really great.

Steemit has changed my life in an excellent way. Now I am a little calmer, I can have money to buy food and medicines to help my family, and again I returned to my passion, and I was able to buy material to make some cakes and sweets.

A few days ago, I entered the school of steemit, by an invitation of @dobartim. I felt very well, there are many users who want to help us grow and learn more every day, for example @juanmallorca and @flysky have helped me a lot in this short time, their willingness to help is admirable and they are also very kind. In estemit school I feel like a true student trying to learn everything I can from my teachers

You can enter the following link. You will never want to leave.

I have new friends, all really wonderful, it has allowed me to learn something new every day. Now I can continue in college. Of course, since almost everything good is shared, I invited several friends and family members so that they can also feel the great happiness that exists in this great platform. My sister @anitabebi, who is very worried about having a new baby on the way, my friend and partner @janileth, my friends @zaidaysabel and @dairy83, who have also done very well.

I hope to continue meeting excellent people. Maybe Steemit can help me fulfill my dream of having my own pastry in a more stable place and get to know new places, only time will tell. In the meantime, I will continue to try to learn a little more every day, to give the best of myself to make Steemit grow more every day.

Thanks to the sponsors of the competition: @dobartim , @tatjanastan , @flysky , @aidasfg7

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You can enter the competition here:

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Brilliant post @anaiscarolina03 resteemit


Hi, I'm glad that you liked it

I love listening to your frank feel of steemit. I hope we continue learning from this ecosystem. I follow you. I'm going to participate. we read.


the idea is to continue learning every day, Thanks for reading. I'll be waiting for your participation, sure you have a good story to tell

You have an amazing story. So glad you're at Steem School.


Thank you. Yes, Steem Schools is a great school

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Amazing post ! Much success for you on the community.


Thank you. same success for you

Well done!
It's great to have you at Steem Schools! :)


Hi, good to see you here. Thank you

wouuu... ni me había dado cuenta que estabas aquí!! Chevere.. ya te sigo! <3 Muchos éxitos en la plataforma.