GWWI: When You try to find the Best Speaker in Itself...( Mixed Content )

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Another perspective...
During the time, when I thought there was no brighter man in the world than me; I’ve met my friend and business partner Leon.

We worked together in one international company as distributors. I suggested to him that I should lead promotions and business meetings since I thought I was the better speaker than he was. In one month, I had over 300 conferences. I gave my best and earned nothing.


My friend Leon had 35 conferences and earned 6.500€ during that month. I was surprised and I hardly believed that happened.

I asked to have a word with him and asked him: “What is the difference between me and you?”
He gave me piece of paper and told me to write down all the reasons why I failed. I must have written more than a thousand reasons, everything I could remember. When Leon saw what I wrote, he took a piece of paper, crumpled
it and threw it away in the garbage bin.

He told me: “I believe you are ready now to succeed, because you’ve just become a listener”. He wrote on the paper “ME” and in that moment I realized that I was the only reason for my failure and that I choose whether I’ll be successful or not since my life is in my hands.

I couldn’t be the best speaker since I didn’t know how to listen.

When I realized I wasn’t the brightest, I started to listen and success soon came into my life.

Humble Episode from "Get Wealth With No Investment" by Dr.Great Success


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Great lesson. A cuban journalist, Ismael Cala, has made a name for himself exploiting that premise: "the secret of knowing how to speak is knowing how to listen", as he put it.


Hola amigo @hiezama. Me encanta Ismael Cala, escucharlo es un deleite. Sus libros son interesantes, enriquecen la forma de ver la vida.


Saludos, @yajaira. Solia ver el programa de entrevistas de Cala hasta que dejo CNN en Español (no he leído sus libros, pero imagino deben ser buenos). No se en que anda en estos días. Cualquier figura pública que promueva el dialogo y el raciocinio entre las personas, la motivación al logro y la superación personal es digna de respeto y admiración.

Una de los problemas que hay en el mundo es que no escuchamos.
Cuando escuchamos le estamos diciendo a la otra personas que nos interesamos en ellas, que sus opiniones son diferentes pero son importantes, que estamos dispuestos a seguir sugerencias, también que sus razones son válidas y que podemos negociar si tenemos diferencias.