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Another week and another 'Savvy Steemian' to feature...

This week, I'm taking you . guys on a little history lesson with the first guy I ever met online and started building businesses with. In almost 20 years of knowing him, we're seen amazing successes together but also some defeats.

Part of being an entrepreneur...I approached him about the idea for SteemSavvy and he was the first addition to the team. He believed in the vision of this program and I'm honored to feature the guy behind the scenes...Many folks don't see until they become a part of SteemSavvy!

Ladies and gentlemen, meet...


1. You have an extensive background in online business, can you share with readers a bit of your history?

Basically, I am a serial entrepreneur. Started building businesses in 1990 and have just kept at it over the years since.

From syndicated blogs to marketing/advertising and membership programs starting in 2001, I have run the gauntlet in business online.

Often in conjunction with @jongolson, we developed cutting edge programming delivering solutions for businesses - ranging from the 'mom-n-pop' startups to large programs with extensive membership bases - across a broad array of venues.

Just to mix it up a bit, we formed Focus 4 The Future Inc., which produced seminars offline across the U.S. and Europe, featuring online business and Internet Marketing development in 2005 - 2006.

Currently, I own/operate an "LLC" in Eastern Colorado, which is a multi-faceted operation. We offer CAD development and, through our in-house 3D printers, solutions to assist vertical market applications. We currently have on-going design and application projects in Denmark, Vietnam, Thailand, South Africa, and Australia.

We are also actively involved in introducing crypto to people through our office location(s) and other marketing with our "We Speak Crypto" campaign, which is highly focused on STEEM. Yes, we DO accept crypto/STEEM for our services! :)

2. What attracted you to blockchain projects and where do you see this new technology taking us?

The blockchain in general? Having a programming background (even though I rode a dino to the office), I still try and keep abreast of what is 'up and coming'. And when you start to look at what the "DLT" is, and potentially capable of, it is nothing less than . . . AMAZING!

Applications are being developed in a myriad of configurations, helping to find solutions that - until now - were merely thoughts on a vision board, awaiting new tech to solve them.

And the REALLY exciting part, to me, at least, is that we have yet to even begin to find all the areas it may impact! Exciting times? Hang on, people, you ain't seen nothing yet!

3. As a major support role behind the scenes at SteemSavvy, what do you think new members should know about this project?

Major support role? Excuse me, did you forget who was answering this? I'm just the guy in the really sexy cowboy hat on cam! :)

Seriously, having been here since the Zoom meeting where BitcoinBully (2017), and later, SteemSavvy (2018), was first conceived, I have watched as this has matured. And yeah, it HAS come a long way!

The single most important thing I think new people should know is that this NOT a race! You can take your time, explore each module, and absorb the content at your own pace. There is a lot to cover in SteemSavvy, with more being added.

It is important to understand how the various aspects of STEEM 'work' before you can plan to take full advantage of it. Of course, there is always help available in our Discord if needed. One of the prime concepts is that we help each other navigate the ever-expanding world of STEEM through the lessons and associated resources.

4. You have been working hard with Discord and developing our community there...How has that experience been as Discord is new for so many people?

We have all been there, new to Discord. And believe me, I was totally LOST when I first showed up! Discord offers so much it can be daunting to people at first. I still find new things to try/learn, and I Admin it!

Just like SteemSavvy, our Discord doesn't require you to learn it all the first day. Just join, say hi, and start exploring. Don't be surprised if people start talking to you (especially Carlton, but he is just a doorbot) and asking if you need anything. We have some outstanding people offering themselves to help others. Don't be bashful, and ask questions. You may realize you have truly found a 'community' of which you can be part.

5. What is your favorite project or dApp on STEEM?

Tough call! It is a toss-up between @partiko and @drugwars right now.

Each offers a unique dApp. One to make it much easier to use STEEM, the other to become addicted to it!

I highly recommend checking out Partiko, available on both iOS and Android, as it makes using @steemit much simpler, and offers many tools within it to enhance the overall experience.

Of course, when you have some 'free' time, jump into the fray and start building your Empire on DrugWars! But be prepared . . . it can be a rabbit hole! One that only pulls you in deeper when you find all the OTHER great dApps on the blockchain.

6. Going back to the original question...As you have that experience in online business, how can the bridge be built between online / affiliate marketing and something like STEEM?

I remember coming into the online marketing genre and thinking "if only there was a place that offered the tools I needed to attract, interact, and build relationships" here. Back at the turn of the Century, there were few options to actually accomplish that.

Today, there is a plethora of resources, all pulling you all over the internet to use individual platforms, trying to find solutions. And yet, there is one waiting that solves the battle.

Honestly, I am surprised more people aren't using what can be found on the STEEM blockchain. I think that 'bridge' is still under construction. Not so much that what is needed isn't here, or being developed, but that people don't KNOW it is!

Where else can you produce a video (@dtube), do live broadcasts (@vimm), post updates on a blog (@steemit, @busy, or direct from a Wordpress site using @steempress ), and . . . well . . . the list goes on - all on a single platform, STEEM!

I know, we are all here to build our own presence, but imagine the opportunities that 'bridge' could bring for EVERYONE involved! It boggles the imagination! So, how DO we build it?

Simple. One person at a time! Too simplistic? Let me explain:

When I first started, I had to seek out people to interact with. I used tools such as Safelists (which, honest to goodness, actually WORKED then!), join an abundance of different groups, programs, and be 'everywhere' I could, EVERY DAY! The kicker here, though, is it started to deliver results. Slowly, at first. But as I kept going, it gained momentum. One person became 10, then 20, then - you get the idea.

Begin building YOUR bridge. Use all the resources you have, and let people know about what is right here, in STEEM, that THEY CAN USE!

Before long, you will build a footbridge that, over time, will continue to grow until one day . . . it's a 6-lane major artery bringing new people, and opportunity, into the blockchain. It starts with but a single step, taking action. The rewards, for everyone, though, can be intense!

7. Last word! What do you think the readers should be left with...Your biggest tip?

I have two:

1. As referenced above, NOTHING happens until YOU take action.

You can talk about what you are GOING to do until that proverbially warm place freezes over - or - begin traveling the path on this journey that leads to new horizons and opportunities. The choice, as always, is yours to make.

Obviously, I hope you take at least a few moments and checkout @steemsavvy to see if we can assist in solving any issues you may have to start building your future in STEEM today.

2. NEVER ask me to write something! LOL

If you do, be prepared to get "War and Peace, vol 1-3" in the process! If you managed to read all this, not only do I commend your persistence, but offer my humble thanks.

Thank you sir! I appreciated your time and awesome input into this interview.

Rich has been a huge influence into the direction of SteemSavvy and a guy that has helped hundreds if not thousands of entrepreneurs over the years - Myself included!

I'm looking forward to where Rich helps take SteemSavvy and continues to raise awareness for the blockchain using grassroots and time tested strategies.

Be sure to give him a follow on Steem and watch later today for the Tuesday Noob Night Cryptocast - Featuring Mr. Taylor!)

We'd also love for you to not only join SteemSavvy if you have not yet done done, but check out our Discord community (that Rich manages) and see how we can help you on your Steem journey!

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Great to see Richard Taylor as this weeks Savvy Steemian.

You have added so much to discord room it would not be the same without you.

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Thanks man. Yup for sure. He's been so huge for us behind the scenes....Glad we could feature him today!

Now I know a bit more about the man under the hat on the Sunday night videos. Kudos #richardtaylor

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Yup, cowboy hat or leprechaun hat....He's a man of many talents LOL

Where else can you produce a video (@dtube), do live broadcasts (@vimm), post updates on a blog (@steemit, @busy, or direct from a Wordpress site using @steempress ), and . . . well . . . the list goes on - all on a single platform, STEEM!

There is still so much untapped #potential, and STEEM is gaining momentum.. Looking forward to the future!

Great initiative.. Thanks, @steemsavvy!!!


For sure! And we're just getting started. Very exciting times indeed!

Great tosee the background and how we can all bring prior experiences here to develop community which is the primary value we are building at the moment! Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for the comments sir. Much appreciate all the support! Would love to get you interviewed in the coming weeks....Especially any feedback you have for SteemSavvy!


Next 2 weeks are crazy for me but I am good after that; it would be an honor!

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Perfect. That works great.

Great interview, thanks for sharing yor story @RichardTaylor.

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Thanks for the comments man, glad you enjoyed it!

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