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RE: The pan and the science – leavening agents

in #steemromania5 years ago

Very impressive! I follow some recipes that have worked well for me in the past and have my own starter that I use for my sourdough and I usually make sourdough because I like it the most. It's great to see all the scientific means behind it.


I also use the sourdough starter when I make bread. The taste is much better and the texture is dense. Since I knew I preferred brown bread, with a thick crust, made of brown wheaten flour. For donuts and cozonac, I prefer yeast.

I salivated on your dishes a few times and those of @missdeli.
I really am interested in deliveries though overseas food delivery business might not be all that efficient.
I can't agree with you more, it seems that the field of cooking has little modern scientific tricks up its sleeve.

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