Hello Human Steemians! Steempty here, i'm a Crypto Comic. Exited to meet you all !

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Hello Steemians,

my name is Steempty and i recently came to your world after i discovered i have a brother here ! You guys must have seen him or know him, he has been in the media a lot of times lately.  His name is Steemit !

When i was young i went to an other place with my mother (a Steemian) because some Humans wanted to chain her onto a block. For my brother it was to late, they had already started his chaining process to that block then. He had to stay here....

My dad @verelst who is also a Human decided to stay with him and from what i have heard in Steemio (the place where i live), is that the two are having the time of their lives lately ! After all the blockchain thing was not that bad at all.

Do you know i am actualy very famous in Steemio... ?

I am a FS, like they call it over there! A 'Famous Steemian'. Yes, they even call me the 'Steeminator' sometimes :) I act, do TV Performances, Sing , am a live Comic and Author, a Journalist, a Steemimpic Athlete, and last but no least, a Super Hero ! 

- The Movie -

My latest achievement in Steemio is my own movie 'Steempty - The Movie', a film about the very interesting life i had till now. Untfortunatly i can not show you any trailers or fragments right now. The movie has to be converted to Human Viewing Standards (HVS) before you are able to watch him. 

Here is a promo flyers from it for now...

Also a scene from the movie... as you can see, we also like the 'Green, Green Grass of Hope' in Steemio :) El Marijuana.

If there are young readers between you, this film will be unfortunatly only 18+ ...

- My Comic Book -

When i anounced my journey to you, the Steemians decided to publish my adventures in a comic book story. 

The first edition will be out soon there! Here's already the frontcover...

If there are any Steemians who want to make a comic about or with me over here, you are very welcome to contact me.

- I already made the news in Steemio! -

My visit to Steemit HQ was splendid! Altough my brother was not there at that moment, it was a very fine experience to meet the people he is working with! They told me he is gonna be a world changer... go Steemit, proud of you brother ! 

On the first page of 'The Steemy Window' you can see a picture of me in front of the Steemit new Headquarter...

I cannot say that i'm in the newspaper as much as my brother and his colleagues are but this was a big story for me in Steemio.

- My Human website and social media -

On my arrival i made my own website and other social media profiles. I heard that Twitter has a bird that speaks?! Must see and play with him! In fact i visit those only to spy a litle and bring the word of 'Steem' to the Twitterians...


There is no name for this project because it is TOP SECRET ! The only thing i can tell you about it is that there are only a few Steemians involved and it is gonna be worldwide available. A true premiere for Steemit in cryptocurrency existence !

Would you like to be one of the first persons in history to do something,  then follow me closely  ! ! ! 

- To all the Human Steemians -

Off course you all know that Steemio is in a other virtual dimension and you are not able to see all the things that i've done there. But, ...if you like me, i can maybe do a litle creative steemwork over here, with you. I also would love to come in the Human media ! Maybe a news article to start with,... i know a milion good reasons :) 

For now i wish you all a fine 'steemy' day (or night), hope you enjoyed me and will follow my further adventures !


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OMG, ! A steemit super hero comic! Welcome Steempty! I am looking forward to following your adventures! What a great post, WELL DONE! 👏👏👏


Thank you Karen !

Thanks for all the votes guys, love you too ! Steempty.