Prize Distribution of the PROOF OF STEEM GAME - Day 86

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Hello, Steemheads!


Day 86 contest post earned the following amount:


We had a total of 14 entries from 14 supporters.

Day 86 Summary of Entries for the PROOF OF STEEM Game (14 Entries)















Thank you and Congratulations!

No matter how little we get, we will share it among ourselves because our hard work are worth something. NO ONE LOSES!!! ^_^

Prize Distribution:

Half of the liquid Steem payout will be shared equally by the entrants and half of it goes to the funding of other future projects @mermaidvampire will do, inlcuding the liquid SBD.

This is by far the most number of entries but the payout is too small. I will be giving 0.5 Steem for the prize instead.

Total Payout: 0.720 STEEM
0.720/ 2 == 0.36 STEEM Rewards/Fund
0.36/ 14 == 0.025 STEEM per Entrant

Prizes are sent to your wallet immediately. Keep steeming and keep joining!

Love and Peace,



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Thank you as always

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