The story of jumbo footprints "tapak tuan tapa" in Aceh Indonesia


Tapaktuan -
Nature sometimes holds a mystery, as in Tapaktuan, Aceh Selatan. On a rock overlooking a loose sea, there is a giant footprint. This is the origin of the name Tapaktuan.

The local legend says that it is the footprint of Mr. Tapa, a figure in the legendary story of South Aceh. The existence of treads located at the foot of Mount Lampu, Tapaktuan, this is the tourist attraction. To visit there is not easy. Visitors must pass through various sized rocks.

Do not be afraid to get lost. There, there was a clue of white lines painted on every stone. Staying in that direction, a giant 6x2.5 meter tread is ready to surprise the eye.

The legend story of Tuan Tapa became the origin of the name of the capital of South Aceh regency, Tapaktuan. The city is located about 440 kilometers from the provincial capital of Aceh. The legend of Tapak Tuan has become a folklore for generations and trusted by the people there. Unfortunately, the process of renovation that may be its purpose to preserve, it makes it unnatural again. Although now the tread is no longer natural, but the location is still captivate visitors.

"According to the story here once there is a trail of these treads, so as not to be lost, so now it is made like this," said a guide.

Tapa Tapa tourist site manager, Chaidir Karim, recounts, once there lived a giant hermit who is very obedient to God. Syech Tuan Tapa, his name. One day, two dragons from China found a baby floating in the middle of the sea. They then rescue the baby and take care of him until growing up.

A few years later, the two infant parents who became kings and queens in the kingdom of Asralanoka knew of their daughter's whereabouts. The king asks back his baby on both dragons. The request was rejected. Without thinking, the king took his daughter's run up into the ship.

"The two dragons were angry and chased the king until there was a battle in the middle of the sea, which caused Mr. Tapa's disruption," said the guide.

Mr. Tapa then came out of the mountain where he was imprisoned and stepped onto a mountain. While standing on the top of the mountain, Tapa Tapa was about to throw his body into the battle arena. "The footprints as he stands is what stays here," he said.

Tapa Tapa manages to kill both dragons with a stick. At that time, Mr. Tapa's intention was to save the baby who had become a princess. Apparently, Tapa Tapa's good intentions made both dragons so angry that there was a battle.

Long story short, the fight was won by Mr. Tapa. The princess returned to the arms of the king and empress. But both did not return to the kingdom and chose to settle in Aceh.

"Their presence in the land of Aceh is believed to be the forerunner of the Tapaktuan community," he explained.

Not long after that incident, Syech Tuan Tapa disappeared in a location. By Tapaktuan community, the location is believed to be Tuan Tapa's grave. Located in front of Tuo Mosque in Padang Village, Tapaktuan Sub-district. Until now, the tomb is still crowded to visit.

In addition to the giant tread, not far from there is also a rock in the middle of the sea is believed to be a skull of Mr. Tapa who has now become a stone. The cap were released when the fight took place. The stone stick was there.

Located five kilometers from the site of the site, there is a heart-shaped coral in Batu Itam Village and dragon scales in Batu Merah Village. According to the story, the former body of a lost male dragon fight. There is also a ship-shaped coral reef at Batu Berlayar Beach, Damar Tutong Village, Samadua Sub-district, South Aceh, located about 20 kilometers from the giant footprint.


It is said that the rock was the remains of the king's ship and the empress of the Asralanoka Empire that was destroyed during the battle.

"Now a lot of tourists are visiting here," said the guide.

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