Steemit 3rd Party Custom Search Tool - Part 1

Steemit itself is lack of custom search tool. It took me a few months to search for such tool to filter out the unnecessary spamming trending post and finding the best curation post within 30 minutes.

Well, I finally got found it! It comes with multiple filtering options. The best of all is it can exclude upvoting bots on any post.

This custom search tool is known as CustomFeed and created by @jga.

Existing Problem


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The existing tool available in Steemit provides spamming post since many users use upvoting bot services to get their post on the trending page. The original search option is lack of filtering as well. The result even comes with Google Ads which already defeated the main purpose of Steemit itself.

Solution Tool


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CustomFeed tool enable users to filter the authors and posts they want to read specifically on Steemit.

Search Type


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A drop down list button available for search type such as trending, created, hot, feed, blog and votes will be sorted out based on these option whichever available.

Type Option Description
Trending/Created/Hot Tags It enable single or multiple tags. For multiple tags, use a commas for separation. Leave it empty for all tags.
Feed/Blog/Votes Accounts It enable single or multiple accounts. For multiple accounts, use a commas for separation. Leave it empty for all tags.
Note: Hide resteems checkbox is available when the type is Feed or Blog. Ticked the checkbox to hide resteems.

Min/Max Reputation

Enable the search of Steemit author based on reputation.

Min/Max Payout

Enable the search of Steemit author based on payout.

Min/Max Votes

Enable the search of Steemit author based on votes.

Min/Max Comments

Enable the search of Steemit author based on comments.

Min/Max Body

Enable the search of Steemit post based on number of characters.

Min/Max Comment Payout

Enable the search of Steemit post based on the comment which has pending payout within 7 days.

Allowed/Avoided Tags

Filter out additional tags.

Allowed/Avoided Authors

Filter out multiple authors.

Votes from/No votes from

In search or exclusion of specific upvoters.

Older Than

In search of specific post based on time of publication.

No upvoting bots

Filter out upvoting bots.

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I used spacebar key instead of using commas. That was my mistake when tried to add the tag into Wordpress. I can't change it since it already locked as a link using the first tag. Because of this mistake, I discovered the max. character tag is 25 in Steemit.

Thanks for sharing the SteemLookUp tools.