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First Things First

This project was pretty tight on the deadline for me but it's from my good buddy @bambam808 so I've decided to squeeze the time to make this happen. I would like to call this initiative a legacy initiative because it was rebranded several times from it's predecessor, Steemits Got Talent to Adsactly Got Talent and now to this new brand, Whaleshares Got Talent.

I've seen the previous season of Steemits Got Talent and I know that @bambam808 will make things exciting as always. This initiative is one of the FIRST Steemit's Talent show on the Steemit platform and it is making a comeback! I believe Whaleshares Got Talent will only be better and more exciting for everyone. This initiative will showcase talents from around the world. I remember watching so many talents converged into one season and it was mindblowing.

Thank you @bambam808 for letting me on the creation of this logo. We've been working together for quite awhile now and I've always enjoyed working with you on your projects. Thank you for giving me this opportunity once again to create this official logo for you.


Whaleshare Got Talent Official Logo

The Idea

At first, I couldn't come up with any ideas when @bambam808 asked me for this design. I was having a creative block most likely because that week itself, I was very busy with work that I couldn't focus on anything else but work. I started with trying to find symbols for 'talent show'.

What would symbolize talent?

I brainstorm a few weird ideas that could've symbolize talent. One of which I decided to go with, was 'An Entertainer'. From there I expanded my idea to many jobs/roles that could represent an entertainer. Even Michael Jackson was in play.

I finally came up with the idea of a 'Magician' to represent the symbol 'Entertainer'. I decided to draw a magician whale, with the iconic wand and top hat that those old 70s-80s magicians wear and performed the 'Rabbit in a hat' trick. Hmmm.... I wonder what would it be like if I turned the whale into Michael Jackson. Hahaha

I also wanted a simple 'wide smack in your face' kind of text. Something easy to see and read with one glance. I always think that logos should either be very simple to understand or straight forward.


Designing the Whale Magician

Here's the layout of the whale, which I will later add tone to it but it's always important to get the layout first and see where you can work from there. The Magician Whale is a Main Key Element of the whole logo, so I wanted to perfect it first.

I created the fin of the whale, then the belly. Added the eyes too. I did a little tweak in proportion and made sure the perspective is right. Wanted the whale to face the viewer but not directly and not in a profile view. A 45-60 degree angle would be just nice. When I was happy with what I've created, I proceeded to colouring the whale.

Used the gradient tool to help have a tonal value on the whale. I didn't want the whale to have a flat colour. I wanted it to have a more 3D solid feel to it. I guessed giving it the gradient also gives it some appeal to the whale. In one of my previous post about '12 principles of animation', The last two principles is Solid Drawing & Appeal. And that was what I applied here. I hope that it's appealing enough for you?

Supporting Details

The whale wouldn't be a Magician without his handy dandy wand and the top hat that disappears the rabbit. So I added the Top hat and the wand which I both gave colour to them. The Top Hat has a sharp highlight with a dark blue gradient.

Creating the Main Text

I needed to do the layout of the text first. The size of the word and which font I wanted to use. I forgot what font was this already but it works well, nothing TOO formal. It's a Talent show, so the font must also carry the 'boldness and courage' to show off the talents. Because I know there will be many talents coming on this show.

Was giving the header colour to see how it'll look and I slapped an orange background on it first. When I roughly want how everything is, I would only then proceed to tweak them. I thought that the sides of the whale was pretty empty and lonely, so I added a bunch of sparkling bright stars to fill up the 'negative spacing'. I didn't quite like the orange colour as it gave me a very 'sour' feel in the tummy. I used to hate the 'tangerine sour tastes' so I had to change it.

I changed the background colour and adjusted the header position to the bottom so the word 'whaleshares' doesn't block the magic wand.

Final Logo


Wualah!!! This is the final logo for Whaleshares Got Talent!! I added the 'GOT' into the header and added a border for the header background so it looks more solid.

I personally enjoyed and am satisfied to how this logo turned out to be. From a creative mental block to something like this, I'm pretty happy about it. Make sure to also follow @easydex to be ready for this contest!

So, What do you think of the logo?

Thank You

If you like what I do, check out my other posts on meetups, animation, and designs.

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Credits to @pinstory & @coloringiship for this lovely photo of me.


Animated Banner Created By @zord189


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I like your explanation the symbolism for you, @zord189. I'd like to add two more dimensions: in the circuses of old, and even now, there was a ring-master and he always wore a top hat and tail coat. More often than not, he had a baton, as does the conductor of an orchestra. All very fitting for a talent contest. I really like that logo!


Thanks @fionasfavourites! I'm glad you liked it and YES!!! The Iconic wand/baton watever u want to call it proudly shouts 'ENTERTAINMENT'

Greatest showman style! Nice design, man. Nice breakdown as well


Thanks man :)

The whale just at the right point.

@zord189 Cute logo!
Аnd I really enjoyed reading about the birth of the idea!


Thank you @veta-less. Glad you enjoyed reading the process behind this. :)

Good job Zord! I think it looks awesome.


Thanks bro :D