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RE: My ArtVenture: Mixed medium painting „Evening sky“

in #steempress4 years ago

Hi @stef1

The picture is beautiful

The light and the cloud law tell me that it breaks up into a storm
The sailboats in the background must get to port and seagulls are already away from the storm coming.

Soon, the waves will hit the island hard and the sea will be foaming white


Thank you for your wonderful comment @xpilar, I am really pleased to hear what thought my painting brought up in you, I appreciate you for resteeming my work when I saw it next to your last Digital painting, I thought that they have pretty much in common, do not you think so? I love to paint seagulls they are easy to do but they are like last important feature of all sea motifs, they make everything to wake up and bring the life in painting. I wish you a nice week and till nest time :)

Yes, they fit well with changing with Re-steemed

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