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RE: Seeking the tribe - where are all the active steemians in Britain?

in #steempresslast year (edited)

Hey butty, there are a couple of active steemians from the UK in the precious metals collecting group.

@owenwat - cornwall
@gdwcoins - Manchester?
@russelburry - Bolton
@silverstackeruk - Northern Ireland


And how can I forget @coff33a !! I even vote for him as a witness.... Oops. Think he's top 100 now. Think he's midlands.

Thank you for all these @welshstacker. We're edging towards 50...

I can't pick up @russelburry - can you check the spelling?

I wonder which region @mikefromtheuk is in?

Hi Mike, are you somewhere in the UK? I can add you to the And also... category.

Sorry @pennsif it's "ll", singlen"r" @russellbury

Great thanks - now on the list.