Photos of memories with comrades in arms.

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This is the remaining photo of my memories with friends in arms when I was in school. When the holiday season arrives we usually gather together to enjoy our school holidays and this is a reminiscent photo when we went to Waterboom in 2016 ago. When I saw the photo, I remembered them because we were separated now.

Even though the distance separates us, our friendship is still maintained to this day. I always contact and ask about them when I am on vacation and I am also very happy because I was with them before. Usually we visit some beautiful tourist attractions in the city area of ​​Lhokseumawe.

We always capture every moment of our trip while we are on vacation at school. And the incident is still stored in the memory of my memories to date. They are very loyal friends not only when they are glad they are there but when I am too hard they are always near me that is what is called a true friend.

After we haven't met since 6 months ago, I always communicate with them through what's the social media, whether it'sapp or through Facebook chat. I always ask how they are while joking by telling stories about our past. And even when I was busy they also had time to ask me how I was even though I was very busy.

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