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Bienvenidos al reporte diario de curación del proyecto THEUNION.

El proyecto @theunion fue creado para recompensar y contribuir en el crecimiento de los stemians que publican contenido 100% original ayudándoles con ello a tener una mayor visibilidad en la plataforma, siempre llevando como lema "La Unión hace la Fuerza" cuya base es el apoyo mutuo. Haciendo click en la imágen te llevará a la publicación original, a continuación se presentan las imágenes curadas del día 22/12/19.

The @theunion project was created to reward and contribute to the growth of steemit users, who publish 100% original content, helping us to have greater visibility on the platform, always using the slogan "The Union Makes the Force", whose base is mutual support When you click on the image, you will access the original publication, then the curated images will be presented on 22/12/19.

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@faltermannPopulation extinct


We were able to accompany this butterfly for several years in Lower Franconia. At the edge of a vineyard there were numerous plants of the Aristolochia clematitis...

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@apolymaskWild View


I shared one from this sunset that I took on my phone a few days ago on Instagram, so if we're connected over there you may have sort of already seen this one...

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@gabeboyMorning walk in a graveyard


'Everyone, deep down within, carries a small cemetery of those he has loved.'

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@deepu7All about ducks


I am enjoying my year ending holidays. I am currently in southern district of the country called Barisal. To be specific, the name of the place is Torki Bandor. I reached here yesterday...

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@ellenripleyBeautiful Sunday


A few more photos from my recent trip to the Attenborough Nature Reserve in Nottingham...

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Todas las ideas expresadas en nuestras publicaciones diarias de curación son responsabilidad de sus autores y se usan para hacer referencia a su publicación. No reflejan la opinión de THEUNION

All ideas expressed in our daily curation publications are the responsibility of their authors and are used to refer to their publication. They do not reflect the opinion of THEUNION


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Do you want to be part of theunion and heal with us? You can follow our trail at and set your vote in the curation trail category. Help us to cure content that deserves to be recognized and valued by all. You can also automatically vote all our publications from in the fanbase category.


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