My ArtVenture: Watercolor painting and story „Gravity“

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Hello dear Steemians,



Today my painting dedicated to one of my old friend on Steemit, who I met very incidentally, his digital Art caught my eye and inspired me to write what I see when I look at it, from that very moment till now almost one year he is a friend who was brought by this amazing blockchain Steemit.



„Gravity“ by @Stef1

The digital Art @xpilar created is attached bellow, when I saw it I thought about a sea monster and here is my Painting and my little story, that I called “Gravity”. That is my first ever story and I hope you like it. The original comment you can see under the @xpilar post, unbelievable it was 11 months ago!!!



my story

…It is possible evening hours of the day on lonely island of volcanic origin. It seems that nobody lives on island the only inhabitant is a sea monster who knew that waters very well and lived there years but one day after an earthquake and underwater volcano eruption that strange rocky island appeared just in the middle of endless water.

The monster decided to explore it, he never had a change to be really on the air, he even did not know if he can breath outside of water.

So one day he slowly started to climb on the rocks initially very cautiously as he was in unknown territory, once he was a half way out it was a tremendous power forcing him to ground, it was nobody around but only him, he just wanted to know who is stronger and was fighting against it, he brought all his tentacles out and raised his body, the power eased up, he did not know that it was a power of gravity. But he felt himself stronger, he conquered the unknown land.

Day to day, he liked to come and visit this rocky place, once when he was on the land enjoying the beauty of sunset, he felt that the ground started to shake, he knew what does it mean, it was more powerful than him and the gravity. He tried to hurry up back to water, but his body was too heavy and he was too slow. Another eruption of volcano brought fire and heat of lava that reached the monster.

He knew what does it mean, but in this very moment he just thought that it was a worth to see this beauty of sunset and to feel the gravity once and die…


The image is made of own imagination and thoughts​ - by @xpilar


My step-by-step process:






The finished painting


Watercolor painting „Gravity“ by @Stef1

Cold pressed watercolor textured paper 30x40 cm, paper weight 300 gsm, watercolors colors in pans and tubes, flat and round brushes.




I hope you enjoyed my post and thank you for viewing :-)


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Greetings @stef1.

What a lovely post......what is not to like......a tribute to @xpilar, a scary story and your beautiful art.

Thank you.

All the best to you and your family.



Thank you @bleujay for your comment, on and off we feel melancholic and what to recall some nice moments or like to call a friend who sometimes we forget for many years and then just incidentally find a number. I am pleased to hear your comment, my hubby still thinks that the monster is not really scary looking but I said that I am not creating horror image as the monster may be nice and innocent :)

I wish you too all the best and till next time, @stef1

Hi @stef1

It is very nice that you dedicate a painting to me and from one of my digital photos.

Like your painting "Gravity", it is incredibly good

Imagine that it is 11 months since we got to know each other.

I almost forgot that I made that picture
So I clicked on the picture you posted from me and read all the stories in the comments again.

Incredibly many usernames I recognized, but don't see very many of them now.

Hehe, I think I'll click on the user names there to see if they are here anymore


Greetings @xpilar,

Lovely tribute to what you bring to Steemit.

Thank you for being here.



thank you so much @bleujay


Thank you @xpilar, I was pleased to have such nice comment from you. You are right there are many people who come and go, but there are also some who stay and keep going. Many who were my friends a year ago are not active even though I hear on and off from them but it is a bit sad. I am glad that belong to stubborn art, like many other friends of mine who I met recently and I hope who will be there a year later :)

Very nicely done @stef1
You can frame and sell it because it is beautiful water color painting. :D


Thank you @cryptopie, that idea also came in my mind, recently I was wondering if to sell one or another my Art pieces. Few of them definitely I will use to decorate our own house but now a year after started to create on Steemit there are too many :)

wow. so nice.


Thank you for nice comment :)

beautiful paintings and very interesting stories @stef1


Thank you, I am glad you like it :)

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Amazing this is awesome art..😀😀😀


Thank you for viewing and I am glad you like my work :)


Wellcome and keep it up

Very cool artwork, Steffi, and the story is pretty interesting, too. Fantastic post!


Thank you @trincowski, I am pleased you like my creations story and painting. Although it is almost a year between them :)

Really amazing, @stef1 ! You really captured that feeling of a giant sea creature with this painting :D I love it ! The step by step is presented very well, too <3 Very nice !!!!


Thank you @veryspider, I must say I really enjoyed doing this painting and sea monster was the pleasent part of it. Appreciate your nice words and stopping by :)

Amazing work!

It is a very charming story. The painting is very beautiful, I like how you do every detail, you are a magnificent painter. all the contrast and the mixture of colors make the painting very realistic. I really admire your work.