My ArtVenture: Acrylic painting: "I am a dancer"

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Hello dear Steemians,


Last couple of days I was looking through my Art materials that I have taken with me I found that it was only one last acrylic textured paper, so that it was a destiny to do something with acrylic materials.

The topic came spontaneously I love to do a person in motion, usually dancing, ballett are my favorite. So this time the dancing person.

I thought to start my painting from background first because the figure has so fine edges and it would be a shame accidentally to paint the figure with background colors. That was something I have done this way first time.


OK, here it is for your consideration.


My step-by-step process:









The finished painting


Acrylic painting “I am a dancer” by @Stef1

The painting done on Acrylic canvas textured paper, weight 400 smg, Size 27,9x 35,5cm, acrylic paints, flat and round brushes and knife palette


Photo source










I hope you enjoyed my post and thank you for viewing :-)



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In Your drawing so well you can feel the movement and plasticity of the dancer. Very beautiful work!

Thank you @madlenfox for your nice words, I am pleased you like it :)

Thank you!

This is so awesome. Such a great job. Thank youfor also sharing your step by step process. Great art!

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Thank you for your nice comment :)

Destiny fulfilled.

The painting is colourful. She looks gigantic with that pose.

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Thank you Max, you are right with acrylic paints I try to use all palette to make the painting colorful, if it does not work then just color the first layer with the other on the top :)

I see spanish dancers are in fashion these days,lol. I liked a lot the blue space behind the dancer it makes a very good contrast with the figure:)

You are right it was my intention to show the figure better, first I have chosen dark background but then everything too dark, the blue just switched a light on :)

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Thank you @union for supporting Art!

I like how you created the background with all those colors it looks a bit like an arch made with flowers behind it and the blue color, I love.
Great technique with the paintings. I've seen a Flamenco dancer today, but I confused her with Tango XD.

I love Latin dances, there is a lot of passion, energy, love and drama. I was thinking how to do the background so that not too overwhelm the main character. Thank you for your nice words Carmen :)

Yes, watching the girls dance this is great, you can feel a great vibe.
You're welcome dear Sef1! it's a pleasure to see your paintings, I try to learn by seeing them. :)

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Thank you @c-squared for supporting Art :)

Thank you for support :)

Dancers are so fascinating, I think... Their elegance and forms are delights to my eyes, and you captured one very nicely.... I like how you framed this beautiful dancer against the full moon! It adds drama to the portrait :D A lovely piece, @stef1 ! Nice to see your step by step presentation, as always :)

Thank you @veryspider, agree there is something fascinating in dancers, sometimes we are hypnotised and can't stop staring them. I love the fact how much passion they can transmit with their dance and that is why this is my favorite topic :)

Мне очень нравятся яркие, экспрессивные мазки кистью! Они так и передают настроение рисунка! Отличная работа:)

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