Little haven in Dysart - @Art-venture contest with 50 Steem and 500 CCC!

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Hello dear Steemians,


Last couple of days I am working on my watercolor painting, it is not coming like I want and I am not very satisfied with what I have, sometimes I just need a little brake and start again, this time I have to work a bit longer.

Therefore, I wanted to present you much better topic, little haven. Yesterday we decided to have a small walk along our coast, that leads to small fishermen area, called Dysart. The weather was beautiful and warm.



Dysart haven is known here due to the filming the scenes for “Outlander” the movie with a little bit of sci-fi and time travel back to the old time in Scotland of 18th centure.


At Dysart haven it was busy, fishermen were preparing their boats and sailing away, we have done few pictures and I wanted to share with you.







Hope you find them also interesting.



Also we would like to remind you that @Art-venture contest “Climate change”. Win 50 Steem and 500 CCC!









I hope you enjoyed my post and thank you for viewing :-)



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Hi @stef1

beautiful to see those pictures

this picture is unique, love it

Absolutely agree with you, that is very old castle, partially destroyed but still it is allowed to go in and look around, that cliff is like in fairy tale. I love that view too :)

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Thank you @theunion for your support :)

I am yet to figure of what to draw/post about the contest. Hopefully, I will get an idea.

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It is another week to go, so you have time :)

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