Will my Airbnb Accommodation be cancelled? What did I do?

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A few weeks ago I posted about my upcoming Airbnb stay getting potentially cancelled, and what could be done at that point in time.


I have an update about the situation now, and what I had done just a few days ago. If you are having the same issue, this should help.


I received an email from airbnb notifying me about the cancelled accommodation first.




I had initially wanted to wait till this date to give my Host the chance to verify her place with Airbnb. She had previously communicated to me that she was in the midst of getting the license. But it seems that either the deadline was too tight for her, or that she did not manage to apply for it in the end. Either way, my stay with her is cancelled and you won't be able to find her listing on airbnb anymore because it is now considered illegal.


On my end, it's much better. According to my plan in the previous post I went to look for another Licensed listing straightaway. I had bookmarked a few potential listings beforehand so I just checked which were still available. I managed to book this new licensed one in 1 day. I checked with airbnb as well on which listings were now 'legal'.


They replied that the ones that are still up are 'licensed' and that I should not worry about booking them. I asked this because I was thinking what if the listing happens to be void again so I would waste even more time. Fortunately, everything seems to be settled on their end now. To be sure, check out the newly placed 'Official license number' on the bottom of the listing writeup.


Next, as mentioned in my previous post, there are some forms of compensation accorded by airbnb for our inconvenience.


I think it is a rather good deal. I was refunded the full booking amount for my previous listing, so when you get the refund you are able to book somewhere else of the same value. In addition, they provide you with an airbnb voucher coupon worth the booking value, so you can also choose to use that instead for the booking. Either way you are gaining, unless your last minute booking is worth more than 2x the original booking value.


One extra bonus airbnb has given which I have yet to try, is the Airbnb Experiences. They are something like services that include guided tours, food tours, handicrafts, sports etc. Airbnb has given 100 credits to try them out so that is pretty sweet.


I personally might even try learning how to host one. Probably a tour of singapore hawker centres!


So overall it hasn't posed any problems for me and I appreciate Airbnb's timely response for my situation. If you have any queries, like myself, you can email their dedicated email for Japan support and they will reply quickly.


I hope this post has managed to help you in your airbnb booking in some way. If there's anything else you wanna check about my experience with bookings and stay or travel in japan, just comment here and I will check!

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ahahh i saw your post that time also. I also like Dormy Inn 😂

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Very interesting to watch AirBnb navigate the changing regulatory environment. Licensed usually just means they paid some government agency and also now have to report their income so it can be taxed too. No benefit to consumer but I digress... Have a great trip. It would be cool for you to set up as a tour guide. Go for it!