When You Screw Up Posting....

in steempress •  4 months ago  (edited)

.... distract followers with the cutest tawny frogmouth that landed on the windowsill at work.

Now this little guy is worth an upvote.


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So Sweet!

hahah hilarious that this garnered so much attention! often i think people feel daunted by large posts (our short attention space culture!) and posts like this are soooo eassssy... but yeah that guy is so cute <3

Maybe I should just have an alt account with stuff like this lol... why am I wasting time writing shit, lol.

It's like a fluffy toad owl!

Careful though, it's probably deadly venomous. Observe from a distance.

Ha it is, but it's not, it's sooo not. Totally wysiwyg.

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He sooo cute and fluffy!!

Ha I have had so many comments, maybe I shpuld just post fluffy owl photos from now on lol

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Maybe LOL. We all need a little cuteness to make us feel fluffy inside.

Aha yes so true!!! Fluffy on the inside!!!

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Looks like an Owl quite angry at you for clicking 😉

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What a very cute little friendly owl and a gorgeous photo.

omg - that little creature is adorable. I am in love.

They are my favourite! There's a whole family of them at my folks.

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Love him! What a lovely thing to make you smile, sitting outside your window.

My parents have a whole family of them, I love to just share back at them!! They are so beautiful.

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I find it somewhat creepy and cute, all at the same time. Have you seen the movie Critters?

No I haven't!!! Haha I think he's more like a Gremlin.

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Sorry for making you think of this, next time you see such a creature ;>)

And here's a post I wrote ages ago, with my personal story around ( watching ) this: Movie Memories - Critters

Ahahaha .....

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@riverflows he looks like the bird version of a puffer fish, maybe they are cousins. lol