It is very pink but green!

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Have you ever heard of the famous La Pedrera or Parc Güell or Casa Batlló? I am sure you have. But have you ever heard of the Grüne Zitadelle (Green Citadel) in Magdeburg, Germany? Surprisingly, the architectural design is very similar and offers an unforgettable experience for your mind and soul!

The story behind the visit begins as so:
"One lovely year, when my little one was still way too little to suffer the air pressure during the flight, we have decided to get into the car and drive from the UK all the way to Baltics." - It is a long journey, I know... but - "We have done so before and having a baby with us in the car meant we drive while he sleeps and we do something fun when he is awake.

The journey was taking us via the A2 in Germany. That made me search for things to see nearby. And so I have discovered Magdeburg and its fantastic piece of architecture!"

Finding a place to park was very easy - you pay&display on the street close to the building. Although we did a bit of a boo-boo - we paid a fee on a day when it was free... never mind.

Ah, the Grüne Zitadelle! Where do I start?! So many corners, so many walls, so many windows and so many doors! Every angle gives you a new fascinating view to capture! It lifts up the area and adds a romantic charm! It also feels like every detail was neatly thought out. Even the nuisance such as the rubbish bins decorated in the same manner!

The building itself is relatively new. The bench in the courtyard indicates that the year of the foundation was 2004. It has been designed by the Austrian architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser, who has died before the plans to build went ahead. It is a little sad he never got to see his creation.1

The walk around the building takes you to witness the art of a genius! Shops and private companies, as well as the hotel and the theater, have got entrances here. As lovely as the external walk, the courtyard is spectacular and a little better catered for tourists! Here you can get a guided tour of the citadel and learn more about the story of the building. Some lovely quirky shops with souvenirs and a nice place to have a meal! And a local artist selling art is sitting in the courtyard as well! It all makes you secluded and lets your imagination run wild!

Toilets are another original feature which you could tour (use) for a small fee! And look up, there are trees and green grass on the roof, which makes sense because it is called the Green Citadel! But I am not so sure why the colour of the building was chosen to be pink... although I like it.

We did not know about the guided tours and did not think we were suited enough not to be awkward with the crying baby. So an hour and a half have summed up our visit to this magical building! And I would highly recommend a visit to the Grüne Zitadelle if you are near the Magdeburg and wish to see something unusual!

© Rimicane

  1. GRÜNE ZITADELLE. About the project[Online] Available: Accessed 05 September 2018. 

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I would say, "Pink more than green!" lol!

But I like it pretty much especially that your face is pink as well. I guess pinkish would be much suited Rimicane?

I just googled "why color the building pink".
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I click on "What does the Colour pink Symbolise?"

Pink, a delicate color that means sweet, nice, playful, cute, romantic, charming, feminine, and tenderness, is associated with bubble gum, flowers, babies, little girls, cotton candy, and sweetness. The color pink is the color of universal love of oneself and of others.

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I am very sorry for this bla blah blah Rimicane.
I just wanted to dig on the pink color.

Anyways, I look forward on your next post. Love to see your photos!


Thank you for the research, I love it! You have done all the hard work for me! I suppose the romantic and playful are well suited here. And if the queen wears such an unusual combination of colours, then it is the best!
I wonder if changing the colour scheme would be a cool experiment here? I reckon it would be!


A pink Steemit? I don't know if @ned likes pink. I guess the color will be changed in the future. Adding pink is much better in this current color right?

This is too splendid, I mean how about the decor? The Grüne Zitadelle is obviously one of the weirdest designs of buildings I've ever seen, I mean upclose it looks like a candy and thanks to your camera, from far away it looks like a palace.

I love the fact that you covered every inch of the Grüne Zitadelle with your camera, and even the history behind it as well, the designer, the plan, the date and everything.

It's a splendid blog photography, amazing job with the shutters as well.


Thank you! I could not stop taking images because detailing here is brilliant! There are so many elements combined together, it is hysterical! Yet, it works wonderfully!

We have one of this buildings in Darmstadt, the Waldspirale! Interesting architecture!


MAgical! How come I have never heard of it? ANd it is the same architect. I have recognised the tower roof with the bonbon! Even more reasons to visit Darmstadt now!


You might never leave :)

Like a fairy tale! nicely documented :) I like the columns. Each one unique and each one colorful


Very much! So much effort put into every little detail here, it is almost scary!

Awesome photos, rimicane!


Thank you!

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Thank you very much!

Wow nice 👌@rimicane! These are really beautiful architecture pictures.

I can Imagine how much time and effort you had put into this massive post, every picture could be enlarged wonderful!

Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland.


Danke! Sometimes you wish to share your journey with the community! Well worth the efforts!

Hey @rimicane, thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures, first what I thought seeing and even not reading your post was that these are the works of Austrian architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser. He is very famous in Vienna and there are a separate distrcit with his astonishing works. I was living in Vienna for few months and that place left so impactful memories that I will never forget, the buildings are famous to be absolutely un-standart shape and disign, it is like a dream of Alice in Wonderland.

Thank you for refreshing my memories and it is wonderful that other places aways from Vienna can enjoy hte masterpiece of the remarkable Artist like Friedensreich Hundertwasser.

Cheers, from Art-supporting blog @art-venture


Oh, I am so happy to have reminded you of your time in Viena! Thank you! It sounds like the architect had a particular style, and I shall visit that district one day!
I was speechless seeing the Citadel for myself because the detailing was just insane. Can't wait to see Viena!

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This building is really magical. Its sad that Friedensreich Hundertwasser didn't live to see his design come to life... I love the pink painting of the building, it is what makes the building stand out and its cool how there are plants all over the building, especially the top. Seems like some of those plants have pink flowers on them (or is it just me?). I like the brick-like detailing too.

This building is just amazing!!


Thank you! I could not capture the view from the top, but it has an interesting shape, almost like a sharp eight. Maybe Friedensreich Hundertwasser is somewhere around the building and guarding it? I never saw anything else by the architect, but surely he left the best for the last!


It will be really interesting to see the building in person... Well, maybe he is (lol). He sure did leave the best for the last!!

Apart from the pink that does look like a building in Barcelona as you say @rimicane.

I have never seen pictures of it before but it definitely looks worth a visit. 😊


Both architects were children at heart! Thank you!

It is always a challenge for me to travel with the little ones. You managed to get some fantastic pictures though. I am sure that was a juggling act.
I am so glad you did the building is amazing!
Funny about the toilet fee.


It is very challenging and also a rewarding experience! In my case, I have had help in the face of my hubby! Thank you!

Wow beautiful architectural...


Thank you! It is something special for sure!

Honestly speaking, i dont know what to make of this building, its like little worms climbing up the wall


What about the columns? And the towers and the bon bons on the roof?

@rimicane Interesting and beautiful architectures of buildings in Magdeburg with bright colors. Colors that give much joy and unique magic to the city. The works of art are imprecise because they give a unique seal to the beautiful city. Imprecionantes the photos that you have shared in the publication of this city with a fantastic beauty. A real wonder to be in such a beautiful city. A great greeting.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I am glad you have enjoyed the building!


Thank you for sharing
Your thoughts! I am glad you have
Enjoyed the building!

                 - rimicane

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I have not heard of any of the buildings or places you mention except for Magdeburg. This is the birthplace of the boys from Tokio Hotel who I used to fan-girl over.

This building is fantastic and not something I would ever expect to see in Germany. I love the whole thing, but especially the support pillars. Very unique. I wish you had a shot of the bathrooms. I'm sure they are not to be believed :)


Tokio hotel are from the Magdeburg?! That is a news to me!
Surprisingly, there are quite many unusual structures in Germany! I actually had a shot of the bathrooms but it turned out to be washed out so I deleted it. My camera had hard times with high ISOs.

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That's actually some pretty interesting architecture work and the overall design of the place is freaking unbelievably beautiful for something so modern. I always thought the aesthetics of architectural arts was long since dead but this brings me new hope that things can look nice still.

Thanks for sharing all these various photos and the trip details. ^_^


Thank you! Every architect expresses the vision differently but at the end of the day, it shall be considered art. Even the simplest building has its own artistic approach!

Thank you for sharing with us this amazing architectural building. The building was nicely build and maintain. I love the color they painted tho.. It eyes catching and warm. If you didn't mention, i would think this building located in Walt Disney. Thank you for taking your time to research the history on this building. Your pictures were so nice, it attracted me in first place. I have to admit, I checked on all your photos before i started read your writeup.


Thank you! I could never put what I saw into words. Fairytale-like building in the middle of the very usual German district is eye catching for sure!

The building was inspired with whimsy in mind. So sound and has personality to be extraordinary. It's amazing that architectures like this are popping up and breaking the average design. We don't get these kinds of building designs approved in my country so it comes as a novel idea.


Absolutely! We do need the diversity of architectural designs to please the soul and mind. I am not sure how long did it take him to design the structure but it seems like a personal statement. But I believe it will be hard to maintain. All the details, the colours, the greens - so much work...

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Thank you!


You are most welcome @rimicane!

howdy from Texas rimicane! oh my gosh I've never seen anything like this, I don't think they have these types of buildings in Texas! It is truly amazing, I like it all but I think those pillars are the most beautiful and unique that I've ever seen, I'd love to visit this place someday.

Hey do you know anything about the architects who designed it and why it's been designed this way?


Thank you! It has been designed by the Austrian architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser. Unfortunately, he died before the built was approved.


howdy there rimicane! oh how interesting..yes it's too bad that he died before it was built, thanks so much for the information!

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Thank you, guys!

Great post, what an architecturally interesting place. I am always looking for new places to travel to and I will certainly be adding this to my list


That's great! You will absolutely love it, it is amazing! I was very sad to leave! Thank you!

lol, It is definately a unique building, It almost seems to have a culture all it's own as well. It must have taken forever to build, as all of those finishes had to have been custom done one the spot. I you are creating with strait lines, things tend to go much faster, since you don't have to custome cut the pieces. Even the sidewalks had unique patterns and brick cuts. It does seem very surreal.


I agree it must have been challenging, but on the other hand, so much love went into the design of the building. I think people were proudly working on the facade and it is something to tell your friends about with honour!


I tell friends and family about working various buildings with pride and none of them were that impressive. It's still awesome.