Add Textures easy and simple with Xara 3D

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Hello good morning to all the Steemit community I hope you are very well, today I bring you a small video that I made to show you how to add textures in Xara 3D.

And many users saw the presentation of the Xara 3D program in the realization of a simple gif based on colors and lights, now we are going to go a little more with the incorporation of textures to give better presentation to our designs.

I must also mention that many users asked me how to find the sources of the text since after opening the program almost no sources came out and this is because Windows only brings a small part of the sources by default, now if we want to place more we must download them from the browser to then enter them in the Windows Fonts Folder.

Folder location = C:\Windows\Fonts

Informative Vídeo

The process to add textures is quite simple as it is shown in the video plus all the materials are in the Xara 3D folder so they will be made even easier when making their designs in the same way they can surf the Internet to download more textures and then add them to the Xara 3D folder.

"I want to clarify that my publications in English will be with tutorial videos without audio since I do not master the language, I do my best to teach step by step written notes"

Some examples made with Xara 3D




If some users do not have the program yet, they can download it by clicking on the Robot

"I hope that my tutorial will be of great help to the community in general, my goal is to try to teach you how easy and simple Xara 3D can be to make your gif designs without the need to go to professionals who charge a large sum of money. for doing the same task that I just did in minutes, if you have any questions, let me know in the comments and I will gladly assist you, have a Happy Day".

Greetings from Venezuela

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