Why are we relying more on drugs to treat teenagers’ mental ill-health?

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I've moved to Hive, along with most other people, following Justin Sun's takeover of Steem in the Spring of 2020. I believe hive is a lot more decentralised than Steem!


Antidepressant's are terrible. Its not just happening in the uk, its everywhere. This is happening in the u.s. as well. Most doctors are salesmen. In the u.s., the drug companies give the doctors free samples and reward them for the number of prescriptions they write.

Talk about the most perverse of incentives! I can only only imagine how bad things are in the US!

An unfortunate example of treat the symptoms while ignoring the source of the problem, in order to maximize profits. It's the American way lol..

You hit the nail right on the head

It's unfortunate but it looks like that's how things are these days. People are so fragile nowadays, popping pills at the first sign of discomfort. They have to be educated that most of the pills are not only not doing any good, but they all have side effects. The pills they are popping are making them sick, not making them well.
Personally, I think that life - with all its advancement and convenience in technology and what not, although making our lives easier, are sometimes not necessary in a good way.
The problem - with people and medicine is gradual and deep rooted, too difficult to be covered in a few words.

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