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According to my Garmin, my average resting heart rate for the past week (the last week in December) was 61 beats per minute....


'Resting' actually means not moving, I tested it out... Yoga and doing the washing up both count as 'resting'..... any kind of moving counts as active. 'High' on the above graphic is from when I start the timer to record my workouts... running, cycling or circuits.

Of course I looked up the 'meaning' of my resting HBM, and it's most gratifying to see it locates me in the 'excellent' band for my age (45-55) category, which actually fits in quite well with my low 60s age-grade percentage I get for my Park Runs...

The problem is the thought of trying to lower my resting heart rate as a goal has now entered my mind... based on Tuesday's Park Run data this is actually very achievable, assuming what's below is right.... a resting heart rate of 58 BPM surrounding a fairly rigorous 5K run (and an hour walk there an back). I'll take that.



I feel pretty good most of the time! Now thanks to my accursed Garmin I've got this thought in my head of wanting to get my heart rate down to 'athlete level'.... I could do this but the problem is I'm now getting this urge to game the Garmin.... only leave it on at night for example to deliberately skew my resting heart rate data downwards, and not while doing the washing up, when it's going to be 70-80 (it's higher when standing up!)

And what happens if I have a bad week? Having a resting HB at 65 BPM is absolutely nothing to be worried about, but if i were to set a lower HR as a goal, anxiety is a possible effect if I'm not meeting that gaol.

I think all in all this is a good example of data I'd rather not have! Best to just forget it's there! Lowering my heart rate is most definitely not a 2019 goal!

Still, if it happens it happens!


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Yes, be careful what you wish for! A few years ago I couldn't understand why my resting heart rate was around 50 bpm. I certainly wasn't feeling athletic - in fact I'd put on 31lbs very quickly and felt tired all the time. It turned out that I had an underactive thyroid.
I treated it with high doses of iodine (a controversial therapy). Luckily it worked, and I'm now much fitter and have lost the 31lbs. My resting heart rate is now 54 bpm, and I'm pretty sure it's because I do regular hillwalking and indoor climbing.
65 bpm seems healthy and not low enough to cause concern - it probably is due to being fit and taking regular exercise.


Crikey! Glad to hear it all worked out for you in the end... that's good weight loss.

Walking really is one of the best excercises there is!

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Thanks! I basically lost all the weight I'd put on. I think climbing is the best exercise - we're all primates, so it's natural :)

It's easy to get obsessed with the stats. I'm not using my fitness tracker lately, but I do see my activity on Google Fit from my phone. I'm happy enough that it's way over the suggested minimum. My main goal is to do a faster 5k this year. That's a real measure of progress. If I do the half marathon again I'd like to get under 2 hours. The daily stuff is just too variable.


Yes I pay no attention to the daily stats. I'm sure obsessive tracking is bad for yet mental health. TBH I do it as something of a sociological experiment!

I'm sure I run faster and less laboured when I don't track. Best to switch the screen to blank if you use a tracker I think!

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Minimum Heart Beat is a good measure as well in order to know what’s your particular fit status in a particular moment of your training.
For instance, if I’m just awaking up but still laying on my bed and my heart beat is above 40 bpm it used to indicate that I’m still out of fit, instead if indicates values below 40, it used to be aligned with my best fit cardio performance.
Anyway, for me, getting a minimum Heart frequency is not a goal per se...because there are other variables that affect your performance as well as, for instance, the quality of food you ingest or your muscles strength...

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It does interest me I might start varying a few more things to see what happens.

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