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So at the end of 2018/ beginning 2019 I've ended up with a TNW (not including my teacher's pension) of £156K, this is down £14K from last month because my Zoopla house valuation is now £14k less than it was last month in November for some reason....?

Anyway, no matter, I've still got to live somewhere so property wealth isn't actually real anyway is it!?!?

I've got about £63.5K left on the mortgage, and so still about £105K equity in the house, and then plus another > £50K in diversified assets. It's really my non-equity wealth I'm interested in.


Ideally I'd like to have enough wealth to be able just pay down my mortgage, but I'm currently about £13K shy of this, which doesn't sound like a lot, but ATW with my monthly income deficit this gap is going to increase by somewhere between £500- £1K a month for the next few months!

All in all, November to December have seen the wealth stable, except for a small decline in the value of the crypto.

I think I might actually put more into Peer to Peer in 2019.... it gives me a solid 6% return per annum and it seems stable, and I like the ethics of it too.

Of course when my premium bonds come in and steem moons, all of this will be moot!

Happy 2019, here's to prosperity for us all!

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I have a buddy who got into P2P loans a while back, it's been really good for him.

Overweight in shares? I am, they have had a shocking year but i'm hopeful (as ever!) they'll come good in time.


Funding circle are pretty sound. I'd recommend them!

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I was racking my brain trying to think of who he's been using - that's them!

I would suggest he's well on his way to 100k in interest.


He must have a million invested then!


Been playing it for over a decade so he's doing well, was it called something else before funding circle?

Probably closer to approaching 50k then!


I don't think so... you used to be able to choose yr own risk level and individual busninesses. It changed a couple of years back so now it's much simpler!

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Is it purposely not diversified much or are you planning to do so later? Obviously, there's Gold and real estate that can be added to the list.

Also, can you elaborate what the P2P investments are and how stable are they in the long run when compared to others?


The shares are split across four different funds so it's more diverse than it looks.

They've done well which is why I'm sticking with. I actually just took a wad out and used it to part purchase my current house.

The p2p I use is funding circle - loans to small businesses - the 6% return is after bad debts. So far so good!

I'm tempted by gold and other precious metals.

I've got my house I live in - that's enough real estate for me!

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I've tried crypto peer to peer lending before and it didn't work out that well. Some people were able to do pretty decent at it, but I think I just joined at a bad time when the price of bitcoin was starting to increase so those that were taking out bitcoin loans for cash usually defaulted as the 1 BTC loan would go from 3000 to 6000.

Usually the ones that were decent traders were ok at paying back there loans on time.

The accountability was also non-existent on most of those platforms so it was pretty easy to just walk away. Best of luck with funding circle though.

My crypto holdings have definitely been hit hard as well.

Houses can drop $14K in a month?! Sounds like crypto swings

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I think it's more due to a delayed change in the stats... it was marketed at £180K in June, I bought it for £172 in July, so it's probably Zoopla just forwarding the trend.

It's largely irrelevant anyway. I own one house which I live in... if I sell it I still have to buy another!

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Thanks for sharing personal details with us. Very interesting to see how thing are playing out for you!

Everything crashed in December! I was discussing moving some of my pension funds but this is not a great month to do it. I guess for things like houses/pensions etc you have to look at long-term trends rather than month to month changes. Although, as you say, you have to live somewhere, anyway!


I still think the best long term strategy is to learn to live in relative poverty!

Makes yr wealth go a lot further!

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Hehe - true. But the reason I have worked so hard for so long is so that I have a warm, safe place to live and food on the table. I don't mind living frugally, from time to time, but not too close to poverty, that's what I left behind.

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