Crown of Thorns

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It is one of the most beautiful plant and the flowers are magnificent as well. The color of it and the way they grow together in a flock makes them pretty beautiful as we speak. The scientific name of them is Euphorbia Milii . Apart from the name it does really have thorns in its branches. When ever you may see it you will feel like you are seeing a cactus. 

I have seen this flower quite some time and yeah despite of its size and shape it really amazes me every time I see it.

There were quite few plants The Crown of Thorns where I was taking the images from. There was a person staring at me like he was going to scold me or eat me I don't know, he reacted like I was gonna take the plant away from there. But yeah after some time he came forward and we greeted each other and  I told I took the permission from a person inside the house. He nodded and seemed like a cool person.

the images are captured by me

Well there have been many incidents with few of my photographs and some were many memorable as well. Those little moments does really brings back smile whenever I think of them by the way.

I hope You will like the images and that is all for today !

Till the next time, to somewhere/something More Interesting !

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