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So I dropped by the Gardens by the Bay the other day because I saw a brochure advertising their sunflower display and thought it should be interesting, it was. Not only was there plenty of different looking sunflowers but it also had a small Wizard of Oz theme too.

The Gardens by the Bay is a park in Singapore that not only hosts the "Supertree" grove but also the two enclosed botanical gardens. One has an indoor waterfall and skywalk while the other hosts themed floral arrangements. If you like this sort of thing and visiting Singapore I suggest you take a look at their website to see if the theme fits your fancy. Here's their link

I was looking forward to seeing sunflower seeds in the flowers as I've never seen them that way before but no, there weren't any seeds anywhere. My disappointment didn't last long as there were so many other things to see and I actually didn't know there were so many different varieties of sunflowers. My wife and daughter really enjoyed it too as there weren't many people around (we went in the morning) and those that were there, were relatively conscientious about getting into other people's shots. Here's a few more shots...

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Thanks for viewing and best wishes!

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