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He's a good, climbing boy

Before you watch the video, there is something that we were going to say, but got sidetracked. I was told that I could get a dog, but it had to be after the wedding and it had to be a smart, non-shedding dog.

Over a month before the wedding, Gerri called me to the computer and showed me a photo of Blue and asked if that was a good dog. She thought he looked so nice and handsome.

I told her that I had been around a lot of hounds over my life, and they were all very friendly, loving dogs, but they were not known for their obedience or their non-shedding ability. I said that they were smart, but generally just when it came to hunting or escaping.

She then said that it would be okay to at least go and meet him, so we called and arranged the appointment. It was an hour-long drive to a different site as he had been neutered the day before. As soon as they let him into the yard to meet us, he ran right by, had a shit against the wall, and then tried to find a hole in the fence.

Obviously he was a perfect match for us!

Okay, now on to the video.

Thanks for checking out this post and feel free to leave a comment, especially if you can share a pic and/or story of your rescue. We love those.

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OMG, I'd bet anything he came from Davidson County NC. My daughter lives there and it's horrible.

TARC is actually in Virginia, and gas chambers are illegal here THANK GOD. But many rural shelters practice heartstick euthanasia without proper sedation, which is illegal, too, but much easier to get away with. It's all so sad and tragic, since it could all be remedied by spaying and neutering.

Thank you so much for this! And kiss Blue for me!


Oh right, I keep thinking that it's Tennessee, but that's where your meetup was. Or am I wrong about that too? I don't even want to know what heartstick means because I'm afraid it is just as it sounds.

And you are welcome. I wish we could do more, but I think every little bit helps. We have 3 more rescues, and lots of stories, so we will try to do one of these every once in a while.

Cheers, and thanks for everything you do.


The meetup was in Tennessee. I live very near the state line, about an hour from Bristol.

And yeah, heartstick is every bit as horrific as it sounds.

I love you guys ... bathrobes, bedhead, dog feet on the counter ... you are my kind of peeps :)

And that is one lucky dog too !! Nice shout out for @tarc as well :)


Haha, thanks. What you see is what you get. There's nothing fancy around here.


Thanks for the reminder! Totally putting tarc on steemauto as we speak

greetings from a rescue-momma