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Warmers of life, sometimes I need a blanket to take care of this body, it doesn't mean I'm afraid of cold, it's just that I need it for convenience. I believe that you, me, and all of us will do whatever it takes to enjoy comfort, yes even to the mountains I will seek that comfort.

But will I get all of this with my struggle? Yes, I'm sure we will find everything from the struggle we have done. Sometimes it's not appropriate, right! because not everything you want will be achieved perfectly, keep going, continue the journey, and never be satisfied with what you get.

If dusk is a barrier day and night, then I should make a break between success and failure. Right, you need a break if you feel that the conclusions you have are not in line with the target you set, the opposite is not the word surrender, because it will kill a long future in your life.

Dusk is a sign that the end of the story today, but that does not mean the evening is a barrier to returning to work tomorrow. The story will still be there according to the theme you are playing, the mistakes will always be composed of a series of news that you collect, but that does not mean it becomes a burden on your journey, again remind your mind that the main target is to reach the goal.

I am the evening connoisseur with all my noise.

Sometimes I find dusk with the roar of the clouds, I was also disappointed with all this, even the dark clouds stopped the rippled evening, ah I was really disappointed for that. But maybe that is a trial for the day, if indeed I am a lover of dusk, then tomorrow is the best waiting for the story of my life.

Maybe there is no one who can block the dark cloud from covering the evening, even he himself has to surrender to his friend's behavior, sometimes I also think that his presence becomes a barrier of beauty that is already available, even though it is not even more interesting than anything what he has, because it won't be forever twilight makes you happy, sometimes bored, yes you will be bored to enjoy it all, so, I think we need new dishes from everything that makes us happy.

If told to choose dawn or dusk, of course I would choose dawn.
Maybe you will know why my algorithm chose it? Yes, because the dawn picks up the sun. The sun rises gracefully and warms the sky. Illuminating the rest of the dew in the morning, hints at the entire contents of the universe to immediately begin the story. Of course, everything is bright, radiant everywhere, even the slightest gap from a tree branch that crosses each other will still get a light bias.

But day is not forever day. I'm too comfortable until I forget if the night will come. The weapon is the marker.

As there is a sun, there is also the moon. I forgot about his presence asking for the evening to pick me up. Yes, I have to immerse myself so that the moon can lure the sky, show its beautiful light, beautiful appearance, the presence of which is always accompanied by twinkling stars.

That is what you and your struggle are, and maybe you will only be happy if the final conclusion matches the theme you created, but it is very wrong if you forget that the final mistake is also the result of your struggle.

Sweet results will not always accompany you. I really no longer care about what makes me upset. But I am too shallow to understand, that many also come to make hurt feelings, wanting victory is a dream. And if you care when you fail. That's when you have chosen the right thing to continue the struggle, like the sky that chooses the moon rather than the sun.

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Hey @pojan. Hope you are good?
Am dhavey founder of @goldenproject, I want to ask if there is any way through which we can chat. Discord, whatsapp anyone?


yes, i am very happy with this, today i like being attacked by @goldenproject, thank you for the night upvote, i am happy to work with you. yes I have an @pojan discord. we can talk there. @dhavey


Sorry @pojan please can you search for me @dhavey because my discord here is telling me "we searched far and wide... No results were found.


Yes, I have your chat

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