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RE: Getting Started With SteemPress

in #steempress3 years ago

Well there is no resteem button. I guess it is because it has passed some time limit. That is one issue I wish could be fixed on steemit. The older work kinda just exists in a purgatory somewhere. :) Thank you


Much appreciated. You can still resteem their V1 release announcement :)

Actually, this guide is outdated now. You can install through the WordPress plugin library now, rather than this manual process.

I've thought a bit about how it becomes impossible to resteem stuff. It seems that once a post has paid out, the ability to edit and resteem both disappear. This make some sense, but if there's action happening in the comments, there's still value and future payouts in the post. I guess making new posts with links to the old ones is the best workaround.

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