Seeking the tribe - where are all the active steemians in Britain?

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A few days ago I posted about having a steem meetup in Bristol.

I didn't get any takers 😢

But I wasn't wholly surprised. I haven't been looking hard to date, but I can't recall actually seeing any people on steem from the Bristol area.

So where are all the active steemians in the UK now?

And I wonder how many there are?

On my radio show last week @rea estimated that there are about 25 active steemians left in London.

I am guessing the biggest cluster of active steemians must be in London.

In Wales I know there are only half a dozen or so.

So for the UK as a whole... maybe around a hundred?

That's not a lot so we'd better stick together.

Many moons ago, when I was still a baby steemian, I scratched a mark in the sacred ground of steem when I initiated the list of Homesteaders and Preppers on steem.

It proved to be fantastically worthwhile and useful. I got to know every homesteader and prepper on steem and the seed of that community aggregation was born.

Maybe I need to make another list. This time of active steemians in Britain.

For networking, for meetups and just generally for getting to know each other.

I think I might segregate the list into broadbrush geographical regions. Maybe starting with :

  • London & the South East
  • The Midlands
  • Wales & the South West
  • The North
  • Scotland
  • Northern Ireland
All loose and laxy but that will do for a starting point.

So I will throw a few together from memory for starters and see where this takes us.

If you would like to be on this list comment below or message me on Discord (@Pennsif#9921). If you don't want to be on the list let me know likewise.

I'm guessing some of the regional placements - let me know if I have put you in the wrong region. Active I'm loosely defining as posting regularly - at least weekly?

London & the South East (31)

@adetorrent, @allasyummyfood, @andabout, @basilmarples, @breadcentric, @buttpacker, @charitycurator, @donatello, @ezzy, @gillianpearce, @hockney, @justyy, @lloyddavis, @lolzwithlisa, @maneco64, @marczanto, @molometer, @nakedverse, @nanzo-scoop, @pjau, @rea, @redrica, @scalextrix, @sergiomendes, @shazza, @simonjay, @stav, @steevc, @stimp1024, @teodora, @ultravioletmag

The Midlands (17)

@article61, @atomcollector, @c0ff33a, @dickturpin, @gmuxx, @honeybee11, @howardblott, @ictman1076, @kryptoe, @martaesperanza, @neopch, @revisesociology, @rimicane, @shanibeer, @skaarl, @starkerz, @ura-soul

Wales & the South West (18)

@cryptocariad, @francesleader, @happysmileyman, @jen0revision, @jimbobbill, @owenwat, @p-props, @pennsif, @perceptualflaws, @stevejhuggett, @stevelivingston, @sunsethunter, @theadmiral0, @theturtleproject, @tinygalaxy, @ukbitcoinmaster, @wales, @welshstacker

The North (16)

@anarcotech, @ashtv, @beautifulbullies, @cryptocurator, @darrenclaxton, @gdwcoins, @geordieprepper, @mckeever, @mikefromtheuk, @raj808, @russellbury, @slobberchops, @steemonkey, @stephenkendal, @teamhumble, @vibeof100monkeys

Scotland (5)

@barge, @camuel, @johnkingwriter, @meesterboom, @natubat

Northern Ireland (1)


And also... (4)

@atomcollector, @mynewlife, @someguy123, @tremendospercy

That's all the active steemians in the UK I can think of - 91 ! I am sure there are a good few more.

Let's see how big a list we can build...


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You would hope there would be more by now. Some meetups would be great. Problem for me is travel as I dont drive. Looking forward to the growth in numbers soon as they all leave Facebook 💯🐒

We can start with a virtual meetup on my radio show next Thursday evening.

Check out my followup post for more on this...

Sounds like a plan to meet up. Obviously logistic will come into it nearer the time but i'm happy to get involved we need to build the UK numbers! Also wake up the masses which in the UK appears to be a big task but i'm passionate about this one 💯🐒

Good idea: shocked by the low numbers! Two more to add: : London
@justyy : Might have been Cambridge
@neopch : Birmingham
@nanzo-sccop and @stimp1024 : London

@meesterboom in Scotland
@raj808 Liverpool
@honeybee11 Midlands
@lolzwithlisa London

That's me!! Glasgow FTW!

Nay more from the land of the kilts?

None that are active now that I am aware of, they all went the way of the dodo when the price went down recently

Thanks for these extra people. We're getting there - edging towards 100...

Thank you! Yes, I am in Cambridgeshire, a village west to Cambridge city - called Fen Drayton.

Good to meet you @justyy.

Thank you for mention! Appreciate 😎👊

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Good to meet you!

Hello! 🙃

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Thanks for these Chris. London and the South-East beginning to pull ahead now 😃

Nice to see these people active... On my side, people who are not active for 5 to 6months I remove it.

@barge is in Scotland.

Great, thanks. We are rolling in Scotland now...

@natubat - Scotland
@steemonkey - North
@trolleydave - Wales & the South West (semi-active)

Thanks for these people @slobberchops.

Alas @trolleydave doesn't seem to be active at the moment. The other two are now on the list.

I need to give @trolleydave a kick up the arse, he lives in deepest wales and is threatening to come back.

It will be good to get another active steemian in Wales - we are quite thin on the ground here.

Must have missed that post about Bristol!

There must be more than this?

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I am very much hoping there will be more...

The North

What? your from the UK? ;)

Thanks Mike, now added to the North.

@pjau - Hampshire (south east)


Nice to meet you @pjau - now added in London & the South East.

Hey butty, there are a couple of active steemians from the UK in the precious metals collecting group.

@owenwat - cornwall
@gdwcoins - Manchester?
@russelburry - Bolton
@silverstackeruk - Northern Ireland

And how can I forget @coff33a !! I even vote for him as a witness.... Oops. Think he's top 100 now. Think he's midlands.

Thank you for all these @welshstacker. We're edging towards 50...

I can't pick up @russelburry - can you check the spelling?

I wonder which region @mikefromtheuk is in?

Forever a mystery.

Hi Mike, are you somewhere in the UK? I can add you to the And also... category.

Sorry @pennsif it's "ll", singlen"r" @russellbury

Great thanks - now on the list.

Yo wassup! I’m from Swindon, so not far at all!

I am currently working in China but will be back in Swindon in January, I live most of the time in Taunton nowadays when I’m back home but Swindon is my home 😜 if I’m about I’d be on a Bristol steem meetup for sure!

You've made number 50 on the list !! Added to Wales & the South West.

Let me know when you are back in the UK.

Pop @cryptocurator down under the North :)

Oh gosh, how did I miss @cryptocurator - now added.

Thanks Ash.

@perceptualflaws is in Devon. @digitaldan was up north somewhere but may have jumped ship. I can't get my sister in law on Steemit (she's near Radstock) as she is a Facebook addict. A shame as she would be a really interesting steam person. If I was there I would meet you in Brizzle.

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Thanks re @perceptualflaws - now added to the list.

Alas @digitaldan seems to have gone quiet.

Have you tried your sister in law on one of the growing band of dApps like Partiko, or Actifit, or Steepshot? Or even more specialist one like LetsEat or Tasteem for restaurant reviews? Or Steemhunt, or Fundition...

No. She is very stubborn. And she has a huge friend network who mostly are on Facebook so I can't see her changing her mind. She just laughed the entire concept out of the water. Like many people do Kama they just shut you down and when you mention the word cryptocurrency and don't want to hear about it. Whatever haha xx

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I have a sister in Radstock.....been trying to convince her too!

Ah really!!! She's actually in Chilcompton, or Stratton on the Fosse.... not quite Radstock, I was going ball park...

fair enough.....I was being a little bit ballpark too, my sister is in Writhlington (which is pretty close to radstock!)

Ha, yeah, know it. We lived in Clandown for a bit when I first moved to UK from Australia, before moving to Dorset.

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Hertfordshire! (South East)

You're on.

There's also @stav in Norfolk, @dickturpin in the Midlands, @teodora in London. There are lots more Brits here including @shazza, @cryptocurator and others I can't think of right now

Many thanks for all these people Steve. 50 is in striking distance now 😃

Im in Essex, I'm not a great author or content creator but I interact with the platform on a daily basis

Thanks for getting in touch. Now added to the London and the South East list.

I see you are involved in GridCoin and SolarCoin. Would love to chat about those with you on my radio show some time...

Ok thanks for adding me. Sure I'd be happy to talk on your show 're those projects, I'm a long time participant rather than an official source tho.

That will be great. Good to get a longer perspective. I will add you to the guest list for Thursday's show.

How do I join the show?

Im in Norfolk.....not sure where that fits in? London I guess....Stick me on the list! :)

You're on there now Basil, thank you.

Good lord, this is handy. I didn't know there were other active steemians in Scotland!

You appear to be among an elite band up there in Scotland - now added to the list.

Hehe, elite or lonely!!

Chuck me on the list - I'm on/off depending how busy I am. :)

You're on the list now!

Here's your first Scot.

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Thanks @gmuxx. @johnkingwriter now added - he seems to be on the edge of activity. Hopefully he keeps going.

My partner @andabout just moved back to London yesterday, shes pretty green on steem but plans to start vlogging regularly soon. Not sure exactly where she’ll put down roots yet as Ive never been there but I’ll be moving there end of Feb if they let me in... I’m pretty excited :)

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Thank you - I have now added @andabout to the London list.

I live in Plymouth in the South West so you've got my in the right group. I think @perceptualflaws and I live quite close to one another. I might even have met him with out realising. Got family commitments but would be up for a meet if not too far away.

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Thank you for the confirmation. Would Bristol be in range for you for a meetup?

Good luck with the meetup P. Hope you get a few attendees.

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Thank you Sir Knight.

I'm from the UK but I seem to spend more time reading on Steemit than curating, I hope to change that soon though.

Would love to come to a meetup, I'm based in Northamptonshire though.

Would you like me to add you to the list in the Midlands?

Have you thought about using one of the shortform dApps to post like Partiko, or even dLike, or perhaps Steemhunt...? There are many alternatives to straightforward blogging these days.

Sorry for the late response! Sure, please feel free to add me to the list for the Midlands :)

I haven't checked out any of the short form dApps yet but you'vedefinitely​y gave me an excuse now to check them out. Thank you!

Greetings from London.
I'll call @veritanuda and @marczanto to see if they want to be included as well.

That will be great, thank you.

@tremendospercy is out that way from memory.

Thanks for @tremendospercy - now added.

Sad to know that... I wish I am there to support you... Try to assemble everything slowly then know their situation...

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