Pennsif's Progress #609 - PSST - steem can make the sun rise

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As I mentioned in a previous post I came to steem for the sunshine.

My big goal for the last couple of years has been to install a solar PV system to start us on the journey of taking our homestead off-grid.

But it's a big investment and I came across crypto as a way to build the capital needed for my solar installation.

I found Bitcoin first and then came steem...

My year of steem has been one amazing journey.

I have learnt so much. I have met so many amazing people. My perspectives on the world have broadened a thousand-fold.

And I have changed. How could I not.

Every day, in every way, with every word of every conversation with every person I connect with around the world.

Venezuela, India, Philippines, Australia, USA, Denmark, Ireland, Argentina, France, Spain, Nicaragua......

In any single day I can be talking with people from 20 different countries, about 40 different topics.

Never before in my life have I been in a situation like this.

It is changing me. For the better I think. I can do little things. That make big changes.

I can put shoes on a child in Venezuela, I can put scientific equipment in a classroom in the Philippines, I can teach tree planting to children in Cameroon.

I talk. I learn. I think. I change.

You will hear so often on steem that old rusty adage - Come for the money, Stay for the community.

But it is way beyond community.

I am being assimilated. I am beginning to see the bigger picture. I am starting to feel the wider pain.

I am now plugged into the global brain.

So where do I go next - in this post and on steem.

I still want to get a solar PV system so I can disconnect from the grid.

Maybe I should look at SMT's - they are all the rage.

Psst, have you heard about about Pennsif's Smart Solar Tokens?

It is all about the money.

But not the earning. It's about the giving.

It is about the amplifying and about the equalisation.

One dollar a day is all it takes. A packet of chocolate biscuits for me or a day's food for a family of four on the other side of the world.

Never before has humanity had this magical tool. We can create wealth, and we can transfer it, for free, anywhere in the world, in seconds.

What power we hold in our hands. Let us show the world the power of steem.

Steem can make the sun rise.

While you are here check out these to see what else I do :

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Good morning: lovely post to wake to. You mentioned somewhere about a West Wales meet-up? I was thinking that I would like to come and meet you and @cryptocariad, perhaps sometime in August. A couple of ideas have arisen in the past day or two (and now Steemfest 3 has been published), and I wanted to discuss them with you (and any other Steemians who are around). I'm not a discord person, but perhaps we could use email?

I did mean to ask, in response to another post about knowing the lay out of your ten mile radius area, how you would protect your homestead? As you would be foraging and seeking resources, so would others.

Working with steemit is always amazing!

The motavation that builds the soul to move forward. Thanks.