World's strangest animals: the snail fish of the Marianas (Pseudoliparis swirei)

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In the deep and dark waters of the oceans, the most curious and strange animals of our planet, most of these creatures have monstrous aspects and also have special properties to adapt in those places where it seemed impossible to survive.

There are many factors that limit life in the depths of the oceans, with pressure being the environmental factor that most acts on the creatures that inhabit the deep waters of the oceans; however, there are many organisms that have managed to adapt to these environments thanks to the fact that their tissues are composed of large amounts of water similar to the pressure existing in their environment, so that they do not die compressed or crushed.

Pseudoliparis swirei:

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Scientists in their eagerness to know the world in the depths of the oceans, have made use of specialized equipment such as unmanned robotic vehicles, submarines, cameras, bathyscaphe, sonar, tugs of great depths, probes, hydroacoustic instruments, among others, capable of Exploring depths of up to 11,000 meters.

Scientists discover the fish that live deeper in the ocean.

A group of scientists discovered a new marine species that lives more than 8,000 meters deep. Named as 'Mariana snail fish', lives in the trench of Mariana, near Guam, in the South Pacific; It is a translucent and scaleless fish, as reported by the team of experts at the University of Washington.
"This fish was collected from the bottom of the seabed, and we are very excited to have an official name, they do not seem to be as robust or strong to live in such an extreme environment, but they are very successful," the study said. The lead author, Mackenzie Gerringer, postdoctoral researcher at Friday Harbor Laboratories at the University of Washington.Source

The snail fish of the Marianas (Pseudoliparis swirei)

It is a species of actinopterigio escorpeniforme of the family Liparidae, known like fish slimy, this fish was found in the pit of the Marianas in the western Pacific Ocean. This is the species of fish that lives at the deepest depth known until now, about 8,000 meters below the surface.

The snail fish, is small, since it only measures 20 cm, it is translucent pink, transparent that can be seen until its liver, and its skin does not have scales; In addition, this fish does not have claws, which makes it defenseless, but even so, it can live where no other fish can.

Mackenzie Gerrinder, a researcher at Friday Harbor Laboratories at the University of Washington and lead author of the study, noted the following:

"This is the deepest fish that has been collected from the bottom of the ocean, and we are very happy to have an official name," says the study's lead author, Mackenzie Gerringer, a researcher at the Friday Harbor Laboratories of the University of California. Washington. "It does not seem very strong to live in such an extreme environment, but it has great success," he says. Source

The snail of the Marianas fish have adapted to reach deeper than other fish and survive in the depths, which keeps them more safe from predators and, therefore, also have much more food at your fingertips .

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