Receiving the new year

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Christmas is the happiest time of the year, not only due to the Baby Jesus Birth but because it’s precisely in this month when most of the people manage to get together with their family to celebrate these festivities, likewise, the different strange customs that hover over these special moments. Venezuela is the perfect sum and combination of an immense mixture of traditions, it’s normal to have friends or family of different cultures, so they’re accepted easily and naturally each and every one of them.

However, in regard to this celebration, I believe that the vast majority of people living in Venezuela, bend to the custom of the country. In my family a multiplicity of activities are done, especially for the end of the year, they are traditions that most homes shares, many of which cause a happy laugh when we make them… in fact, they are all a little funny, to tell the truth.

Among, the activities we carried out to end the year, there are the following ones:

The most deeply rooted of all, I think it takes place in all households in the country, are the 12 grapes. Just with each bell, people should go eating a grape and making a wish. The saying says that these wishes will be fulfilled throughout the nascent year.

Likewise, you should offer, embrace and wish the happy year to the people who are with you (at the same time you are eating the grapes).

Also, you must have at hand: the passport and a suitcase, to go out into the street as soon as the new year begins, it is said that by doing this you would be attracting the opportunity to travel.

You must never, ever, forget to receive the year with money in hand (to attract prosperity).



Then, summarizing the minimum elements to receive the new year at home are the glass of wine, grapes, passport, suitcase and a tradition added by us: a mask, necklace, whistle or article that denotes joy is essential to receive the year. Yes, you really have to have a logistics to do everything at once, which is why it always ends a little crazy the reception of the new year, we laugh, embrace and enjoy

It’s very important, always have a Christmas musical atmosphere, a good “Gaita” is the perfect musical background for these dates. Guaco, Maracaibo 15 among other bands are a mandatory reference in any meeting, party or Christmas party. Even though the Gaita’s repertoire grows every year, the favorites in my family, since I have memory, are Amparito and El negrito fullero, excellent to brighten up the mood to anyone, this kind of music fill the spirit of joy and hope, ideal feelings for receive the new year.

These are my traditions to celebrate the new year, what are yours?

I wish you all a Happy and blessed year 2019!


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