Sunday Update - Radio Evolved LIVE! Today!! #FundaySunday

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Today's Update Contents

  • What's New Today
  • MusicVoter Update
  • Whaleshares Update
  • Update
  • Why Musicians Should Enter These Competitions
  • Radio Evolved LIVE!
  • AIRPLAY Token Automation
  • EasyDex / EasySocial
  • Get Sponsored on Steemit
  • Narrative
  • Choon

What's New Today

This section will always contain something new so if you have read previous updates you may not want to read anything after the big update logo below. Everything after that contains updated statistics on the various platforms that we use to support independent music and other pertinent information that we think everyone should be aware of so will always be present.

If this is the first time you have read one of these updates then we recommend you read it all and decide what may be of benefit to you.


Join us on Discord to submit your music and chat during the show.



MusicVoter (Steemit)

The aim is and always will be to support independent musicians so please spread the word by telling your musician friends to sign up to Steemit (and Narrative - see below) and join the cause! The more people that join us the more we can help and the quicker we grow.
And remember that I will sponsor those who delegate regularly (via @steembasicincome), even if it is only a small amount, so please try to do so.

Whaleshares Update. Update

  • 4160 members

Why Musicians Should Enter These Competitions

There are some amazing competitions that members of the independent music community put a lot of effort into running on both Steemit & Whaleshares but they don't get the kind of support they deserve.

In most cases all you have to do is use a specific tag and maybe comment on their post to say you have entered and you have a chance of winning a mixture of $INDIE, AIRPLAY, STEEM & WLS & more!

Song Of The Day by @jhayehidio (Whaleshares)

Submit someone else's track each day and be in with a chance to win!

Look for the latest post on jhayehidio's feed.

(sponsored by @seveaux, @freedomexists & @darrenclaxton)


If you are an EDM producer then check out @uwelang on Whaleshares as he is now running a competition for you to submit your music to using the #DanceWeekend tag.


Round 1.2 of this awesome new competition by @ftlob on Whaleshares is now open. Submit your music to match the winning artwork from Round 1.1.

Find out more.

Blockchain Music Contest on Steemit

@nakedverse informed us about a new competition on Steemit for musicians (posted by @inthenow), the Blockchain Music Contest. Judges are: @d-vine, @jeffleinwand.

The Rules:

  1. Your song can be of any genre.
  2. Must be your song! If you are collaborating with someone we need to know.
  3. Make a post about your song/entry.
  4. Add a link to your post in their Discord contest room - blockchain-music-contest!
  5. Your entry must be posted within the Ten (10) day time period.

@Artzone & Musicoin Contest - Prize Pool 30 STEEM + 10000 MUSIC!!!!

Enter ArtZone competitions on Steemit for your chance to win a share of the STEEM & MUSICOIN (MC).


Open Mic on Whaleshares


If you are on Steemit then you probably already know about the Open Mic contest.

Well now a completely separate competition has just started on Whaleshares too!

Read the official post for instructions and join the fun!


The X Reposts

Whaleshares & Steemit Competitions

Check out the latest XReposts competitions on Whaleshares and Steemit for great prizes!


We-Talent & I-Talent

Aimed at creatives of all types here is another easy to enter competition where you can just use a tag on your normal dsound upload and have a chance to win!

Available on both Steemit and Whaleshares.

  • 1. Make a post with your art/performance (old or new)
  • 2. Include "We-Talent Round #" in your post title (see the post above for Steemit as it's different).
  • 3. Use #we-talent tag as the first tag (again it's different for Steemit).
  • 4. Place your We-Talent / I-Talent post link in the comments section of the relevant post links above.
  • 5. Provide your BTS wallet username in your post
  • 6. Support by sharing the post to grow the competitions and help the community!
If you have a competition you would like added to this list please let me know on Discord.

Radio Evolved LIVE!

The catch up for last Sunday's show is now available here.

What Is Radio Evolved?

Radio Evolved is a new hybrid radio show which airs at 20:00 UTC on Sundays on YouTube.

Be sure to visit us on Discord to join in the lively chat during the show!

Radio Evolved Live is mixture of requested music and live vocal improvisation using instrumentals submitted via our Discord. The show is live on Sundays at 20:00 UTC (convert to your local time)



AIRPLAY Token Automation

AIRPLAY is now set up on Whaleshares and is listed on the Whaletoken Info Page.

So if you send AIRPLAY to the-jukebox via Btshares you should get the reward automatically now.

Please read the introduction post to find out more about AIRPLAY.



@jhayehidio introduced us to a new platform where you can tip other's blog posts. A few of us are currently testing it out and I'll do a video and more thorough post in due course if it looks useful for us all. The team behind this seem really proactive and have said they will added support for SoundCloud and Musicoin embedded players soon.

The basic idea with this platform is that any coin/token holder can apply to add their crypto to the platform to allow tipping of content. At the moment they have the BNTY token included.

I have created a channel in our Discord so we can support each other in the same way we do with Whaleshares.

If you want to join us and give it a go then please help either @jhayehidio or ACR out by using one of our referral links:


Get Sponsored For Delegating And Receive UPVOTES FOR LIFE!

To encourage regular delegations we use STEEM rewards earned by @MusicVoter to sponsor recent delegators via the awesome @SteemBasicIncome.

You will not automatically get a sponsorship if you delegate but if you delegate frequently (the amount does not influence our decision) then you are more likely to get sponsored.

Get Even More Upvotes For Life - CLICK HERE


Narrative - A Rival To Steemit or Complimentary?

Some of us now have access to the alpha version and it looks very interesting. You can bid for a "niche", a subject that you would like to "own" for a year, and you get a percentage of all earnings from that niche.

I have successfully secured the "Musicians" niche and will be using this as another way to help independent musicians so I encourage you to sign up via the link below so you are ready as soon as it launches.

You can use my referral link to put your name down for the next 1000 people to be allowed access HERE.

Start Earning #CryptoCurrency With Choon Even If You Are NOT A MUSICIAN!

Did you know that you could be earning NOTES, a brand new crypto currency offered by even if you are NOT A MUSICIAN?

You can earn by curating playlists and getting people to play them. It's as simple as that.

There is an amazing team behind Choon (including co-founder and world renowned DJ @garethemery) so it has a great chance of success.

If you want to earn 50% of the NOTES generated by plays then we have a playlist for you that features only tracks that offer 50% OR MORE!

 helps independent musicians in multiple ways:

You can sign up even if you are not a musician and still earn by following the instructions in the box on the main music player page.


Do you want to EARN CURATION REWARDS AUTOMATICALLY and help independent musicians? HERE'S HOW

Helpie Banner

@MusicVoter is part of the Atom Collector Records family
Add dsound, DTube, Choon, Musicoin, BandCamp, Spotify, YouTube + more, get more fans and earn $INDIE!


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