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Hello, friends of steemit! welcome to another of my blogs today I was surprised to tell you about a project that the truth is causing a lot of excitement in many parts because it is something of common use that has to be a great help for many people and I personally feel attracted because the project has to do with tourism, so friends sound a little strange but is very exciting. A project focused on online reservations for travel, hotels, car rentals among other things that we need once we travel and I want to give you a curious fact that this project focused on the tourism industry.

Every day that passes we get to see how the Internet has been our best friend and is that this everywhere is our tool to use it every day, many would not live without the Internet, in fact, I include myself in this, online reservations have become something that this hand in hand with this as it is very comfortable to do everything from your computer or phone and acquire the services you need without so many problems but really the curious fact is that in the only last year 2018 according to the World Tourism Organization for last year had registered a total of approximately 1.322 million people travelled around the world spending around 1.22 billion dollars. They realize how big and successful this industry is? and why this project has taken this as an objective and how it can be so successful.

SkyHub Coin

Online bookings, if friends this project has decided to choose an excellent case of use and is that with your great and innovative idea sure to have great success, this project is not new, so with more details and many facts that have been reality I can say that it is a project with a solid base that will surely go very far. Being a decentralized ecosystem PEER TO PEER, this project has come to revolutionize the online booking services and is that this will give a lot to talk about as every day we can see how cryptocurrencies are the main theme among many people every day as it has helped countries, people to have a better life and came the time that online booking services can be taken into account in the blockchain technology.

This project will seek to help and close the gap to many travel agencies by creating a solid platform, effective and with an ecosystem that will revolutionize the industry, which will be very complete as it will have a support system 24 / 7 in multiple countries and multiple languages so many users can be satisfied and use the platform every day. Basically, SkyHub will be the intermediary between users and companies to provide a clear and responsible service. Any user with a tablet, phone or computer will be able to make their reservation practically wherever they are. What will mainly differentiate us from many online bookings is that our platform seeks to be simple and easy and is driven mainly by factors such as fast and convenient flight and hotel reservations, safer online payment methods, availability of multiple options and comparison options. The most impressive of all this is that it has its own cryptocurrency something never seen before and not only that friends but you will have the option to make your reservations practically free because having technology blockchain this has the wonderful method of being a currency-focused on ecological mining so you can take advantage of generating more coins with the masternodes and proof of stake and thus you can make your reservations practically free, impressive right? who would say that you could acquire some kind of reservation online almost free but if friends, this is possible thanks to blockchain technology, but let's talk more in depth about this project.


What approach SkyHub will offer you?



  • Skyhub online booking platform decentralized will implement a transparent, secure and non-influential environment for customers.
  • SkyHub offers an easy-to-use online booking platform that will be advantageous for suppliers, offering them significantly lower costs for using the platform, allowing suppliers to set lower prices for customers and Offering 20% lower prices from centralized platforms. It offers special discounts and rewards all this is amazing as it is not often seen on online booking platform.
  • P2P Marketplace for the online reservation industry which means that users and sellers will make the transaction without third parties intervening, this is something that many people are looking for because they give greater security to the service.
  • First decentralized platform in the world, which means that it is something that is never before seen being able to find an online booking platform that no centralized power will be able to take action against.
  • Being able to pay with cryptocurrency is something that we can feel is a benefit and something innovative because with this we can avoid large sums of commissions, slow transactions because our currency is fast, secure and decentralized.
  • As has been seen in many cryptocurrency projects blockchain technology gives a security system that is something that can be assessed since many of our users will be reassured by the security issue.
  • In SkyHub we want to reward the first users in our platform for this reason we have developed a basic marketing system where each user who brings new users to the platform and invest in online booking services will get SHB coins redeemable inside or outside the platform because you can use it to multiply it in your masternodes / POS or sell it for any other currency.
  • Reimbursement for those companies that trust in our platform and publish the list in the platform may have a return of SHB coins to provide more support and reliability and that for us is essential to have a loyalty to all people who work in our ecosystem.
  • One thing SkyHub has that doesn't have another online booking platform is that for every booking a user makes we'll give them SHB coins as part of the benefits of using our platform so you can accumulate coins and exchange them for free bookings! something amazing!
  • In our platform we want to be transparent because you can see that they are really working daily so thanks to our technology blockchain we can see some data will be public, such as: dates, amount paid and number of guests. Users' privacy is protected: property names. But don't worry that the security of our customers is the main focus so the owners, customers and addresses of properties will not be public.
  • The SHB general ledger will be open source and free to use. The more owners, agencies, sites and companies that offer booking services. Connect to the SHB engine, the greater the adoption of the SHB currency and its value will be.
Let's talk about the platform

SkyHub is a set of infrastructure that is built by the Skyhub team to be used worldwide for the online booking industry. Once the SkyHub platform is built and matured, the development of mobile applications and tablets will be trivial. Developers will simply integrate their desired components, adopt the SkyHub style templates, guides, including all assets and releases. All SkyHub components. It will be open source and continuously developed. It will help you plan a perfect trip, whether you are going on vacation or you are going on a business trip. Customers can book. Your ideal accommodations quickly and easily with SkyHub. SkyHub is planning to launch easy-to-use applications and websites, along with 24-hour customer service. But now let's talk about what really matters what the platform will look like ? how we will be able to use it.


How can we use the platform?

Let's suppose that Pedro is a new user who has arrived at the platform and who wants to acquire a reservation through our system and has downloaded either the phone application, tablet, the first thing you will see will be this that you can use reservations such as flight, hotels, cars or super deals. But Pedro deicide uses the flight reservation because he wants to travel for business reasons, he is on the bus while going home and decides to start with the booking online.

Once inside the flight section we will be able to see that Pedro has an easy, eye-catching and friendly interface in which the first thing we will see will be the place of origin of the flight and the destination, as we see Pedro is in Dhaka (DAC) then the platform gives Pedro a top of flights either by the popularity of purchases of these destinations at a really striking price, as you can see in SkyHub we focus on providing the best to our customer.

Then proceeds to come out a very friendly search system but the really important and impressive thing about this search system is that as we can see an estimated price comes out of the flight and the hours that will be the flight, normally the search engines of the online booking platforms do not have this wonder which gives us a positive point.

After Pedro has placed his destination for his business trip which is Jeddah (JED) the system of the platform will take him to a section wherein an orderly way will have the available dates that can have flights for what he needs the days he wants to have the return and return.


Then it continues to select the class and the age that has Pedro since this will determine the price that the user wishes.


After having already the destination, return, dates of flight and the quantity of passengers will leave a section a little important since it will determine the final price of the search that the available flights according to the required case of Pedro and his companions, will be able to choose between the flight that is only one way or the one way but the return, if this is important because it determines a higher or lower price, but if you still want more discount on the flight something impressive and that few online booking platforms include is the fact of being able to choose if they want stopovers as this is something that benefits the passenger and that in the aeronautics the less miles the flight travels will be lower the price of the flight.

When you finish filling all the search forms the amazing search engines of our platform will present an accessible search with the best airlines of the moment and above all that this available as we see we have the different flights available depending on what Mr. Pedro has requested and as you see we have the option to pay with our currency SHB.


Pedro decided to travel with American Airlines at a price of 500 SHB we can see the flight itinerary already selected, this very friendly interface always with simple steps, then Pedro proceeded to read the details of the flight.

For Pedro it is important to know all the information of his flight, for example, the weight limit of his suitcase if he will also have for example food service within the flight among those important things as another example to choose your seat, this that few platforms allow it to streamline sales, we focus on the comfort of the passage that deserves to know when making a reservation and SkyHub gives you the option of knowing all that information, after Pedro has proceeded to place the personal information to make the record.

It's time to pay and Pedro has his SHB coins ready which he bought in the exchange but don't worry you can also pay in bitcoin, for the ease the user has placed a QR code with the address and the amount to pay final to speed things up, once paid the flight you will get the details of your ticket which you can also have in QR code for you to review directly with the airline as well.

As we will be able to see to finish it only needs for Mr. Pedro to make the section of the seats that he wants to take that are available, to finish with his reservation, as you can see the ecosystem of SkyHub is effective and will provide an amazing service for users.


Let's talk currency

As you can see SHB is listed on CoinMarketCap the main platform for currency price statistics and if our currency is listed on this platform is because we are doing things right, CMC makes a deep study to see if the currency has the optimal conditions to be listed on that platform, also as I said at the beginning this project has already time online and we can see how despite having lowered the price has remained stable for a long time where today, for example, has moved almost 1 BTC.

Road Map



Contact us






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