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Hello techno friends, this time I have thought about telling you something that the truth had and wanting to do, have you ever had and have known from a smart phone that the truth is that people hate the truth does not comply or simply be very, very bad ? In this section of today I will bring you this topic presissimely. I want to be clear and transparent, I have done this from a professional and technical level, not because of my tastes, but because of the things they have or simply their construction.



It is the first phone with a 3D screen without glasses, the method that HTC made to make this device 3D without the need for glasses led to failure. The truth did not meet its objective at all, although many people say that if it was not So, it was true that it had a relief but the truth in 2011 that technology was not so investigated to implimentarlo, despite this mistake many people actually bought it but without doubt took this bad surprise.

Thinking that I was going to compete directly with the family, I noticed entering the era where big phones were in fashion. Being the biggest phone taken out by LG of 5 inches the truth was a brick, the truth is one of the ugliest phones that I have seen since it looked very disarranged the truth was very wide the dimensions were not placed to your measure and made see this device horrendous, not only was ugly, but the internal specifications that they had placed even lower before the big samsung note.

It was not expected to put a blackberry in this top as this majestic brand has already to be a ghost, after passing his time of glory it seems that blackbery has been forgotten, but it is not so blackberry has always been innovating but the truth has not had luck. After releasing this PRIV the truth had an amazing screen with excellent quality, very good processor and a very good camera but the blackberry people like they did not want to leave their past and they put a keyboard like the old blackberrys when we are already in a time where this is not used, after his majestic entry into the android world did not hit the point as they go back to the details and the system failures were present always and for your friends price? a phone that in 2015 nobody used a keyboard had the cost of 800 dollars? please do not want to cheat us blackberry people.


The truth was very surprised because the teams that speak sincerely have been years and suddenly talk about a phone these years is something impressive but is that the LG G5 and I do not understand why this Korean company had to add a removable battery but the most incredible of the matter is that it is removed by a button and the bottom lid slides even if it is a cover not friends, we understand something by chance the destiny your LG G5 is broken that button and that you will hold that battery so you can use it without the battery coming out? have they asked? a super negative point for LG. Wanting to create something innovative that is the modules for the phones which Motorola has been more advanced the truth LG did not know how to order and do it well, the good thing is that the specifications of the team as a whole are good.

Well friends this was all for today, something I really wanted to talk about and will continue to do so keep in mind that this will be part 1 of the worst phones in history, you have to be clear and sincere when it comes to technology you have to pay attention to the matter, wait for the second part of this revision soon. Do not forget to go through my website where I have other very informative posts for your knowledge and sections where you can listen to music, play and a discord chat where you can talk with other users and wait for my surprise giveaways.

To finish I want to thank our friends @steempress-io for creating this wonderful tool and to break barriers in people who want to have a web page and we can publish in steemit. Some really impressive if you want to intergrate the family of steempress you can contact me in my discord to advise you in the same way in their blog in steemit you will find the most necessary.

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