Inamorata In Light

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Emotional melodies of sweet honey... Tunes of our memories past
Encapsulated in the craving of your embrace Robed in the desire of my never ending love
Savour in savour The sound of your voice brought it all back Save me oh Savior
Your voice Serenading my composure Like a present in the future
Descended into my thoughts of pleasure Unveiled the seal of my treasure For with you is where my heart lies
When the ocean of your tone flowed into the core of my being A thousand memories sprouted in multi dimensional realities
Filling my vision with episodes of our long lost intimacy Such reverence I've never had
Mate of my soul my souls mate
Though thy presence lacks from me Though thy absence tarries forever
Though my chance may have flown away like a feather in the wind It won't stop me from expressing my ineffable love for you In a thousand ways and more...
Like the wave of a river rushing to its source Doth my emotion ripple in motion of my never ending love for you.

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