MinnowSmith payout 2019-02-26: 0.106 STEEM

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Payouts for 2019-02-26


Below you can see the payouts that were made for the submitted hashes! Thanks everyone for contributing to this new project; I really appreciate your feedback.

#NameHashes withdrawnRatio (H/0.001STEEM)Payout amount
1@viruk172000002000000.086 STEEM
2@jaysmasterpiece17000002125000.008 STEEM
3@ericburgoyne14000002000000.007 STEEM
4@kd888886375002125000.003 STEEM
5@iaberius2125002125000.001 STEEM
6@shine.wong2000002000000.001 STEEM

Total payout today: 0.106 STEEM

Development Changes:

  • Changing payout technology from javscript to python because it's more reliable and robust

What is MinnowSmith?

You can earn STEEM by mining XMR in your browser at https://minnowsmith.party.
To get the most out of it, read some tips here: https://steemit.com/minnowsmith/@minnowsmith/how-to-get-started-efficiently

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I remember I had more than 200000 yesterday, it was left a little (less than 200000) after you payout, but now it is zero, why? Could you check something?


Hey, your current balance is 112592, maybe the api was not working properly at the time you looked at it. :)


My current balance is growing because I am working on minnowsmith.party.
When you pay out for yesterday until I beginning today. It was more than 200000, why it no left over? I will check again at tomorrow because yesterday had this too. I hope it's my mistake.