Kaiju Beer - Kaiju Krush - Tropical Pale Ale - Part 1

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A Tropical Beer on a Cold Winter's Day?

Today I am doing what I personally consider to be utter blasphemy. I am drinking a lovely, refreshing and fruity pale ale on a cold winter's day. Cold days are meant to be for dark ales and stouts aren't they? Normally yes, but sadly my local bottle shop was severely lacking anything exciting on the dark ale and stout style of beer. So I decided to do the unthinkable, I bought beer that should only be consumed on a hot summer's day.
Kaiju Beer

Since I was limited to summer style beers I chose the most summery looking beer of them all, and conveniently, I chose one that I had been planning to drink for a long time.

Kaiju Beer's brewery is located in Dandenong, Victoria which is actually quite close to where I live. Unfortunately, however, their brewery isn't open to the public. But thankfully, many of my local bottle shops stock their beer. So today became the perfect opportunity to try a local craft beer, even if it is a beer that should only be consumed on a hot day.

Kaiju have a very impressive range of beers, which is dominated by IPAs. So it's very apparent that I'm going to have to grab a few of their IPAs to try in the very near future (hence Part 1 in the title of this post).

Kaiju Krush - Tropical Pale Ale

Kaiju Krush Beer - Tropical Pale Ale

I love a good pale ale, not matter what the weather if I'm really honest. And this pale ale has definitely impressed me today.

I completely understand why the brewers have given this brew a tropical name. Everything about this beer screams "drink me on a warm summer evening on a tropical beach". It really is a shame that I drank this beer in my living room while catching up on some work on my laptop.

The beer pours a lovely golden hue with a moderate white and granular head that doesn't linger all that long. You'll be hit with immediate and strong aromas of tropical fruits. On the palate, the carbonation is mild to strong with a slightly watery mouthfeel which I found unappealing at first but after a few sips started to appreciate.

There are strong flavours of topical fruits on the palate which match the aroma almost perfectly. These flavours are followed by hops of a mild intensity and a moderate bitterness which is common in American style pale ales.

What I found particularly surprising however, was that the fruity flavours linger on the palate. This is not common in this style of beer but very enjoyable.

What's it Like?

Overall, I'm quite impressed by this pale ale. It meets all the usual requirements of a good American pale ale with it's fruity notes, hops and bitterness intensity, but leaves your palate feeling clean and fresh for the next brew of choice.

This is a highly session-able beer. And one that I will definitely go back to again. I am very eager to try some of Kaiju's IPAs so can't wait to get started on Part 2 of this review.

The Beer Data

Kaiju Krush Tropical Pale AleAmerican Pale AleDandenong, Vic4.7%4.2

All ratings are out of 5


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Pity you couldn't have tried it on a tropical beach @mazzle but it looks a tasty beer judging from the pics and your review. I'm a sucker for an IPA, so even if it was minus 10 outside, I'd prob still have an IPA!


I'm going to try to find one or two of their IPAs this evening. :)

I cannot really imagine the winter where you are now, feeling the heat of the summer in Europe. Yet this beer seems a great summer pal!


Winter in Melbourne gets pretty cold by Australian standards. Nothing compared to Europe though. On the flip side, your summers often feel cold to Australians.