Exclusive Blogging Course Giveaway Contest [Ended 2018]

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Announcement: Giveaway Contest has ended on 2018. It will continue probably on next year 2019 with the new fabulous prize! Peraduan "Giveaway" telah berakhir pada 2018. Ia akan terus menerus pada tahun depan 2019 dengan hadiah hebat baru! 赠品竞赛已于2018年结束。它将在明年2019年继续推出新的精彩奖品!

Thank you to all of the past participants and contribution for the giveaway contest | Terima kasih kepada semua peserta yang lalu dan sumbangan untuk pertandingan pemberian hadiah | 感谢所有过去的参与者和赠品比赛的贡献。


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This giveaway contest course is fully sponsored by / Kursus peraduan ini telah ditaja sepenuhnya oleh / 这个赠品比赛课程完全由赞助商: @paulag.

Previous Giveaway Contest/Peraduan Giveaway Terdahulu/以前的赠品比赛:

Week Topic/Title
1 Why I NEED It?
2 What I Want To Improve In Steemit?
3 What Do I Want To Learn From Steemit?
4 Why Do I love Steemit?
5 What Tag You Use In Steemit And Why Use It?
6 What Will Motivate You To Write In Steemit?
7 What Is Your Goal In Steemit?
8 How Do You Overcome Obstacles In Steemit?
9 If You Have A 1,000,000 SP(Steem Power) In Steemit, What Would You Do With It?
10 Where Do You See Yourself In Steemit Within Next 5 Years?
11 If You Have A Chance, What Business Will You Build With SMT(Smart Media Token) And Steemit?
12 What Interests You About Steemit?
13 What Can You Contribute To Steemit?
14 How Do You Handle Stress and Pressure In Steemit?
15 What Was Your Biggest Accomplishment In Steemit?
16 What Is Your Strategy To Get Upvote And Support From Others In Steemit?
17 What Makes You Passionate About Steemit?
18 What Did You Dislike About Steemit?
19 How Would You Handle It When Steem/SBD Token Price Is Depreciating?
20 How Do You Build Your Followers In Steemit?
21 How To Become A Better Writer In Steemit?
22 What is the tools you use in Steemit?
23 How Do You Make Friends In Steemit?
24 Does Steemit Make Any Impact On Your Life?
25 What Are The Most Frustrating Things You Had With Steemit?
26 Do You Like The New Features of HF20 Steemit?
27 Do You Ever Take Steemit Posting As Part Of Your Responsibility In Your Life?
28 What Are The Changes Do You Like To See In Steemit?
29 What Are Creative Post Have You Done In Steemit?
30 Write A Story About Steemit And You.
31 What Is The Funniest Things You Ever Did In Steemit?

Previous Winners/Pemenang Sebelumnya/上届获奖者:

Week #1 Week #2 Week #3 Week #4
Week #5 Week #6 Week #7 Week #8
Week #9 Week #10 No Winner Week #12
Week #13 Week #14 Week #15 Week #16
Week #17 Week #18 Week #19 Week #20
Week #21 Week #22 Week #23 Week #24
Week #25 Week #26 Week #27 Week #28
No Winner Week #30 No Winner
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all goods come to an end! One of the best contest in here both in the aspect of the prizes which was basically money and an awesome course as well as in the requirements and the the level of difficulty!

To be more specific because i think i have to, i have seen numerous times others to ask in their contests, follow in steemit/twitter/telegram/Instagram ,resteem, upvote all of this together not apart! In that contest the requirements were both simple and reasonable.

The most intriguing part for me was the level of difficulty. Not only it was extremely easy but also at least for me it was fun to do it. It always had a great theme that literally everyone could write something about. You could tell that this contest had only one motive:to help the community

Instead i watch so many other contest that mostly have an ulterior motive of earning followers and money for their account as well as contests are have specific target audience like art and stuff

Once again thanks for the contest and i am eagerly waiting for the 2019 continuation!

Thank you @filotasriza3 for your valuable feedback. Yes, the ultimate goal is to help and motivate the community to write and share more. All we need is just to put a little effort and constant to maintain or create it into habit on writing.

I have to brainstorm new ideas and method which could have to accelerate Steemitian especially newbies. Probably, have to come out with more interactive way to make the giveaway contest more fun to do it.

The prizes has been squeeze and downsizing due to the STEEM price which makes other uninterested. Next year may reschedule it as monthly giveaway contest with more prizes. Ops! I giveaway some hints. 😆

Once again, thank you for your contribution and feedback. Hope to see you join it next year. Cheers!

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Thank you @legendchew and @paulag for the contest! Unlike many contests that offer mostly liquid prizes, yours was one of a kind by giving away a course that winners will learn from and keep the knowledge with them for a lifetime in blogging.

The topics were also interesting as most of those really made me thinking before I start writing. Each topic opens an opportunity to write original content.

Again, thank you!

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